MSNL Seeds Review [Marijuana Seed NL]

MSNL Seeds Review

You probably heard the cannabis seed bank named MSNL. This acronym stands for Marijuana Seeds NL. They are focused on selling only those cannabis seeds they created. This MSNL seeds review will give you all the pieces of information you need to know about the company.

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About MSNL

MSNL is a British cannabis seed bank located in the United Kingdom. The company stands as an excellent place for anybody who is searching for good quality cannabis seeds for sale online. MSNL has been around since 1999, which allowed them to gain enough experience as a cannabis seed seller. 

History and Reputation

MSNL has been the 1st seed company to sell cannabis seeds through the web. They opened up their online store in the late 1990s – the period wherein eCommerce websites began to emerge. That was also the time the company gained a good reputation and fame in the industry. 

The extensive experience of MSNL allowed them to learn how to serve and satisfy every customer. Also, it became an opportunity for them to discover what will work and what will not when it comes to online selling. You will see it through their shop and website. MSNL has one of the most user-friendly seed company sites so far. 

Over the past several years, the company managed to make themselves the pillar of this big industry. They even consider themselves among the pioneer seed banks as they got nearly 2 decades of experience this year, 2021. Despite the fact they do not have a physical store, MSNL managed to build its strong foundation and earn a good reputation in the industry. 

Generosity is among those things that contribute to their reputation. They are also known for their habit of giving promotions and sales that encourage the consumers to grab rare deals that save them cash. They also give bonus cannabis seeds in every order. That is already one reason for most consumers to consider them. 

Cannabis Seeds Quality & Selection

The founder of MSNL was a dedicated geneticist. The company’s commitment to ensuring stable plant genes continues until today. These breeders gather cannabis strains from various parts of the world and take them to laboratories where they undergo tests & experimental hybridization. 

They use rigorous test methods and thorough research to make sure that all the strains they offer are of the best level of quality, and they create constant offspring each time. This helps them ensure no customer will be disappointed. 

MSNL offers a wide variety of cannabis strains to choose from. The selection is an amazing variety of cannabis strains. They try to offer more than what you can often find in the seed banks that grow cannabis on their own. MSNL has been producing a massive amount of cannabis seeds constantly. They sell feminized seeds, regular seeds, autoflowering seeds, medical marijuana strains, and an assortment of value pack combinations. To be particular, the value packs they offer are great ways to check out some of the famous cannabis strains at a more affordable price. This will allow you to determine which strain matches your needs. 

Novices will benefit more from the value packs offered by MSNL. Those who might be overwhelmed by all the choices available in this MSNL. They even have a part of their website optimized for growing cannabis outdoors, which is one thing that many seed banks fail to provide. 

Customer Service

MSNL has been striving to make all their customers happy and satisfied with each purchase. Most of the customer reviews show that they have established a large customer base throughout the years. In case you have a problem regarding your order, their friendly customer service team will tell you what to do. 

Moreover, the company has a FAQ section on its website to help you in case you have a problem. If you didn’t find the solution in the FAQ section, feel free to get in touch with them through the provided contact form. MSNL answers all the questions emailed to their customer service department in 24 hours. 

They are open from Mondays until Fridays. If you send them a message via email, they might take 72 hours to get back to you. Their customer service could be sluggish sometimes, but once they answer, the company aims to solve the issue effectively in a friendly manner. 

Shipping Options

MSNL ships cannabis worldwide. They offer 3 shipping tiers that you can avail of based on how much confidentiality you need. One of these tiers is the standard shipping that costs £4.95/order and doesn’t include any form of discreetness measures. 

With standard shipping, the seeds will arrive at your door in the crush-resistant container, packed inside a usual plain envelope. This level doesn’t come with the tracking #. Likewise, the delivery man will not ask for your signature. 

The 2nd option is stealth shipping that costs £9.95/package. This option is using a selection of methods for stealth shipping to ensure that your cannabis seeds are stored in ordinary items. With stealth shipping, orders will be shipped with the tracking numbers, excluding the low-value purchases. 

The last option is guaranteed stealth shipping that costs £15.95/package. All the packages under this tier will be delivered with tracking numbers. Also, your signature may be necessary when your package arrives at your home address unless you requested to skip this while placing the order. 

If a package under this tier failed to arrive in the next 25 business days from the shipment day, MSNL would send another package without any additional charge. MSNL gives free shipping for big orders.

MSNL Payment Options

MSNL has been accepting several payment options. Outlined below are the commonly accepted payment modes that you can use when ordering cannabis seeds from this company:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does MSNL Ship From?

MSNL ships from the UK.

Are MSNL Seeds Good?

Yes, MSNL remains a highly reputable marijuana seed seller. They offer 90% germination guarantee.

MSNL was founded in 1999 and has since been one of the most popular cannabis seed companies in the world. They have been praised for their high-quality seeds and have earned a reputation for delivering excellent customer service.

How Long Does it take to Get Seeds from MSNL Seed Bank?

It depends on the location. For Express delivery, you will get your seeds within 1-5 working days. And if you choose Standard delivery, it may take up to 15 working days for your order to be delivered.


MSNL has been one of the best online seed banks. They guarantee good seed quality, offer more strains to choose from, and remain active in dealing with customer inquiries or concerns. Hopefully, you find these MSNL seeds review helpful. 

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