Seed Banks That Take Debit Cards

Seed Banks That Take Debit Cards

Can you use a debit card when buying cannabis seeds? Here is the essential information you need to know about purchasing cannabis seeds using this payment method.

Cannabis is more popular nowadays than it has been in the past. With the high demand for marijuana sources, more seed banks and online dispensaries have been established across the world. Buying cannabis seeds has become so quick and simple. You can pay using various payment methods instead of paying with cash. One of these methods is through debit cards. Many seed banks that take debit cards are the biggest online marijuana shops in some countries. But before you try ordering cannabis products from any store online or local shops, you need to educate yourself about the possible benefits and drawbacks of using a debit card when paying products like cannabis seeds.

Top 5 Seed Banks That Take Debit Cards

Reliability, quality of seeds, and convenience of payment methods are paramount considerations when selecting a seed bank for your cannabis cultivation needs. Debit cards, being an accessible and immediate payment method, are increasingly preferred by many growers. Here are the top 5 seed banks that graciously facilitate transactions using debit cards.

1. ILGM Seed Bank

ILoveGrowingMarijuana (ILGM) is renowned for its superior cannabis strains and an extensive selection catering to both novice and seasoned growers. Their acceptance of debit cards makes the shopping experience straightforward and convenient for customers.


Marijuana Seeds NL (MSNL) offers an impressive inventory of seeds from trustworthy breeders. Alongside their high-quality product offerings, MSNL simplifies transactions for their customers by accepting debit card payments.

3. Seedsman

Seedsman is praised for its diverse strain selection and commitment to seed strain preservation. To further enhance customer experience, Seedsman offers the convenience of debit card transactions, making the buying journey smooth and efficient.

4. Herbies Seeds

With discrete shipping and a wide variety of seeds, Herbies Seeds stands as a popular choice among cannabis growers. Their addition of debit card payment acceptance makes the buying process even more welcoming and simple for customers.

5. Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is known for their high-quality genetics and broad strain collection. Emphasizing customer-friendly transactions, Crop King Seeds accepts debit card payments, ensuring a streamlined buying process.

The Benefits of Using Debit Cards

Several individuals use a debit card to transact because this is the most convenient way for them to do so. However, some still do not know that there are more advantages to using this method. These are the following:

No Service Charges and Fees

A credit card usually comes with an annual fee, substantial foreign transaction charges (up to 3 percent), late payment fees, and other extra costs. With debit cards, there are no or few fees involved, especially if you use them carefully.

These cards serve as electronic checks, and they take money from your existing checking account once used. You will only receive an overdraft charge if the account balance in your card gets negative or too low. When you use mobile and online banking, you can quickly view your balance to ensure you still have enough money in your account.

Accountability for Spending

A debit card is not only accountable for responsible spending of money, but it is also easier to resist overspending. For instance, using a paper check may give you problems with encashment for a couple of days or weeks.

Faster Payments

With faster and sometimes instantaneous payments that require debit card payment, tell how much remains in your balance. A debit card works smoothly with mobile and online banking and budget management sites and apps.


In case you lost your wallet, you will not lose your cash or savings entirely. This type of card is a great defense against theft since nobody can use a debit card at ATMs if he does not know the pin. The most recent types of debit cards are chips with security protection, especially with online shopping for cannabis seeds, for instance.

Merchant and Bank Rewards

Some bank or debit cards are now offering rewards points for a certain amount spent. You can redeem points for gift cards, travel, or shopping. These rewards are usually applicable for purchases you made with your signature, not the PIN code.

On the other hand, some merchants prefer transactions using debit cards since they only pay less each swipe to some banks than using credit cards.

Interest-Earning Accounts

Most banks provide various types of savings and checking accounts, including those that have interest-earning options. All you need to remember is to keep your balance in the minimum requirement. In return, you enjoy the convenience of using this card for cash purchases or withdrawal. At the same time, you earn interest.

With this information, you will know why many seed banks that take debit cards choose this option. At the same time, it is also a great option on the part of the customers who prefer cashless transactions, especially when buying cannabis seeds from trustworthy dispensaries or online shops.

The disadvantage of Using Debit Cards for Cannabis Seeds

After learning about the essential benefits of using debit cards for cannabis seeds, it is time to determine what may be the possible problems when you use this payment option.

The most common issue faced by seed banks that take debit cards is when their customers do not prefer using this method due to some reasons. It usually happens when they do not have a sufficient amount of money in their accounts.

On the part of the customers, the biggest problem is when their balance is not enough. It can cause some charges when the money gets negative or below the maintaining balance. For some individuals who have not been used to this payment method, they might not be aware of the current balance they have. In some cases, it can cause a delay in the transaction.

Another issue with using a debit card when buying cannabis seed is the fee if you use it with an ATM that is not affiliated with your bank. If you use it abroad, you will be charged some fees as well. It can be quite costly for some foreign transactions. So, you must ask the company about the payment rules in their country if you ordered abroad.

Order from Trusted Seed Banks

For many seed banks that take debit cards, making transactions online or offline is easier and faster. Well, it depends on the seed bank or dispensary; you have chosen to order your cannabis seeds if they accept this payment method. Make sure to check the website or the local retail store before buying anything or disclosing personal information about you. This way, you can prevent scams and online theft.

It is important to do research first about the marijuana seeds provider. Check for reviews and ratings, previous achievements, and the form of transactions. The customer reviews will be a big factor in your decision on whether it is a legitimate shop or a scammer. See to it that the cannabis seeds are of good quality since many retailers claim they got the best ones, but you end up getting poor quality types.

In general, using a debit card to buy or order cannabis seeds and other marijuana products brings more benefits than the downsides. It is important to remember the information provided above and conduct your own research before making payments online. Also, check the balance before using it to avoid delays in your purchase.

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