Zebra Cakes Marijuana Strain

Strain Genetics Zebra Cakes is a tantalizing indica-dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa), a delectable mixture born from the Mendo Breath and Cookies N Cream strains. Strain Appearance The strain boasts strikingly oversized conical nugs. Visions of fluff are interlaced with deep purple stripes, complemented by fiery light orange hairs and cloaked in chunky, amber-glazed white

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Layer Cake Strain

Genetic Lineage Layer Cake is a richly indulgent, indica-dominant hybrid cherished by enthusiasts and cultivators alike, with a pedigree that reads like a who’s who of cannabis royalty. Swirling through its veins is the earthy blood of Triangle Kush, the punchy aroma of Skunk, the deep funk of GMO (Garlic Cookies), and the sweet celebration

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11s Genetics Review & Strain Info

Established as a dedicated cannabis seed company, 11s Genetics takes a holistic approach to the development of its products, aiming to breed high-quality strains optimized for effect, flavor, yield, and flowering time. Strains Available The enterprise currently offers 13 distinct strains, carefully bred by 11s Genetics. These include: Notably, each strain in the portfolio carries

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