ILGM Reviews (I Love Growing Marijuana)

ILGM Reviews

I Love Growing Marijuana, or ILGM is one of the popular online cannabis seed banks as of now. The company has been around for several years, remaining dedicated to providing good products and services to consumers. ILGM reviews say a lot of good things about this company. 

About ILGM

I Love Growing Marijuana has been one of the premium seed banks where people who are not on tight budgets often go and buy cannabis seeds. Their service and products are a little more expensive than what other seed banks can offer. However, you are guaranteed to enjoy good customer service, fast and discreet delivery, and awesome germination guarantees. Those things are sometimes hard to find in less known seed banks. 

History and Reputation

Robert Bergman founded I Love Growing Marijuana in 2012. Robert is an experienced cannabis grower, but he decided to start with a blog. That blog site eventually becomes an online cannabis shop for high-quality cannabis strains and seeds. 

Back in the 1990s, Robert was spending his life in growing cannabis in small facilities located in Amsterdam. After that time, he became more interested in cultivating cannabis. That’s when he started cultivating cannabis for commercial purposes. 

His interest in cannabis cultivation helped him gain knowledge and a better understanding of breeding this useful plant. With over 25 years of experience, the ILGM helped thousands of novice cannabis growers in learning and understanding the process and give them top-quality cannabis strains and seeds. 

Customers around the world have been trusting ILGM for their needs when it comes to marijuana. They also got a satisfying and fabulous experience of making transactions with the ILGM. The people behind the company are professional and show true care to consumers. ILGM is getting more and more loyal customers throughout the years. 

Customer Service

ILGM reviews also revealed how good they are when it comes to customer service. I Love Growing Marijuana is professional and efficient enough to assist people with issues, questions, and inquiries. 

You may also contact them with whatever query or question you want. Rest assured, they will treat you with professionalism, care, and respect. Customer support has been made accessible 24/7. You may check out the forum to contact these friendly people – staff, experienced breeders, buyers, and other members. 

Seed Quality and Selection

The cannabis strain seeds you can get from I Love Growing Marijuana aren’t branded. However, do not expect them to be poor in quality. ILGM pays more attention to the quality of their products. Every seed goes through a comprehensive inspection check that helps them see whether the seed meets the standards or not. Hence, you can always be sure that each seed in your order is of the best quality. 

Each seed comes from the hands of experienced breeders. Also, ILGM has a good facility equipped with the necessary amenities that help preserve the freshness and viability of all seeds. So, they are confident enough that the seeds will arrive fresh and viable on your doorsteps. 

When it comes to variety, ILGM has more than 100 various forms of cannabis strains. The variety includes regular, autoflowering, feminized, and medical cannabis. Among the more than 100 strains, more than 50 are feminized, less than 20 are autoflowering, more than 30 are fast-growing, and around 5 are regular. 

ILGM claims they have all the great cannabis strains used by cannabis growers worldwide. The selection available seems to be smaller than what other seed banks can provide. What’s more important is the quality. ILGM aims not to dissatisfy their consumers in terms of quality. 


ILGM seed bank ships cannabis strains to the United States, West Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. They do same-day shipping. If you are from Europe or the US, the seeds will be shipped to you free of charge. However, ILGM requires those customers from New Zealand and Australia to pay $25 as a shipping fee. If your order exceeds $150, then you will enjoy free shipping. 

If you are from the United States, the shipping time will last anywhere between 2-10 business days. In many cases, the customers of ILGM receive their orders after 4 business days. They will ship your order in 2 days right away after you send them the payment. 

Tracking # will be given to you so that you will stay updated with the current location and status of your order if you pay an additional $25. ILGM ships the CBD products and nutrients separately from the marijuana seeds. For these items, the shipping process may take 25 days. 

All orders come with delivery guarantees. That means if the package fails to arrive on your doorsteps, ILGM will resend you another pack without any extra charge. They would require you to wait for at least 25 days from the date of shipment and contact them prior to the 95th day if the parcel didn’t arrive on the targeted timeframe. If you don’t, the company will consider your order as received. You can also avail of a 2nd free shipping to a separate address if you like. 

Payment Options

Paying for cannabis seeds should not be a big problem if you order from a reputable seed bank like ILGM. They guarantee a safe, discreet, and secure way to pay for premiums cannabis seeds. I Love Growing Marijuana provides you more payment options. You may choose between these options the one you’re comfortable with:

According to ILGM, customers will enjoy a 10% discount if they pay for their orders by using bitcoins. For cash, you can send it to ILGM in a brown envelope and will send you the cannabis seeds once the cash is already on their hands. 

If you’re from the United States, you may send them money straight to their American-based account. You can send them the cash via online bank transfers or wire transfers. You can also pay them by using Bill pay or check. If you are from Europe, you can also send your payment through their American-based account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is I Love Growing Marijuana a Good Site?

Yes, I love growing marijuana is a great site. The information they provide is very detailed and helpful. It has all the information you need to start your own marijuana grow.

Does I Love Growing Marijuana Have Good Genetics?

Yes, I Love Growing Marijuana has good genetics.

All the seeds are of the highest quality and come from a wide range of strains, so you can be sure that you’re getting a strain that works for you.

How Long Does ILGM take to Process?

ILGM can process and ship your order in 2 business days.

Does ILGM Offers Free Shipping to United States?

Yes, ILGM offers free shipping to the United States.

How Long Does ILGM take to Ship to USA?

ILGM’s shipping times vary depending on where you’re located. Try to be as accurate as possible, but sometimes it takes a little longer for your order to arrive.

Generally, ILGM takes between 2 and 10 business days for your order to arrive.

Does ILGM Give Free Seeds?

Yes, ILGM does give free seeds.

When you purchase 10 seeds, you’ll receive 10 free seeds.


ILGM reviews prove the credibility and expertise of the company in the cannabis industry. The next time you buy cannabis seeds, why not consider getting them from this company? There’s no other way to confirm those claims but only trying their service. 

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