Alexis Major: Charting the Course of Gumbo Brands as Founder and CFO

Alexis Major

Alexis Major, a seasoned entrepreneur, began her journey to co-founding Gumbo Brands based on a crucial need. As a previous manager for NFL players, she saw first-hand how opioids were wreaking havoc on athletes’ bodies and minds due to chronic pain management. Determined to find a safer, non-addictive solution, Major turned towards the cannabis industry.

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Gumbo Brands: A Potent Blend for Pain Relief

The result of Major’s tireless research is Gumbo, a distinctive blend of multiple marijuana types. This ‘pot of goodness proved to be her answer for a natural, non-addictive pain management solution. Its unique formula, endorsed by top musicians such as Meek Mill, Migos, Dave East, and Fabolous showed there could be a safe, effective alternative to opioids for pain relief.

Community Development and Racial Justice

Gumbo Brands isn’t just a cannabis company—it’s a mission-drive initiative dedicated to fostering community-based wealth and promoting racial justice. To accomplish this, Major collaborates with New York City’s lieutenant governor Brian Benjamin to bring opportunities to formerly incarcerated individuals who lack the resources to obtain cannabis cultivation licenses.

They developed a program that links these individuals with people of color who possess the financial means to realize these licenses in a 50/50 partnership, circumventing the risk of these licenses falling into big pharma’s hands.

More than Just a Brand

Major, along with her partner and co-founder, Karim ‘Hustle Man’ Butler, believe in the importance of giving back and, they lead by example. Gumbo Brands stands out as they, its founders, are natives of beleaguered communities where drugs and gun violence are rampant. They have chosen to be the face of the brand, proving that people from these communities can own and operate successful cannabis companies.

They hope their example will rewrite the narrative and inspire people of color, particularly those from such communities, to rise above their circumstances and aspire for success.

The Vision: Encouraging Family Unity and Countering Racial Bias in Cannabis Trade

Gumbo Brands’ reach extends beyond entrepreneurship and community development. They aim to dismantle the prevailing racial bias within the cannabis market. Butler and Major’s work aims to create space for more individuals of color in the cannabis sector by making necessary resources and career opportunities accessible.

Finally, they’re seeking to restore and normalize the black family structure through their public presence, presenting an image of a strong black husband and wife team to counter societal narratives and shift perceptions.

So, as they chart a trailblazing path in the cannabis industry, Alexis Major and her team at Gumbo Brands are doing much more—they’re inspiring change, promoting inclusivity, and using business as a force for society’s betterment.

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