Seed Banks That Accept Western Union

Seed Banks That Accept Western Union – Top 5 List

In the ever-evolving world of cannabis cultivation, access to quality seeds from reliable sources has become increasingly important. This quest necessitates an exploration of the realm of seed banks, which promise a diverse array of high-grade strains designed to cater to unique cultivation needs and preferences. To further simplify the buying process, many of these seed banks have expanded their payment methods to include Western Union, offering an alternative, secure, and user-friendly option for transactions.

Our comprehensive guide delves into the top 5 seed banks that readily accept Western Union, providing cannabis cultivators with an effortless transaction process along with access to prime seeds. Each seed bank has been carefully selected based on factors like seed quality, strain variety, customer service, and reception of the Western Union payment method, to name a few.

This list serves as a trustworthy starting point, enabling a smooth purchasing journey, whether you’re a seasoned grower or a novice enthusiast stepping into the expansive world of cannabis cultivation. Sit back and stride through our guide as we traverse the path to find the ideal seed bank that not only meets your seed requirements but also aligns with your payment preferences.

Top 5 Seed Banks That Accept Western Union

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They have a wide variety of seeds, including some that are not sold by any other seed banks. The customer service is excellent, with fast delivery and very good communication. They also have a great reputation in the community and have been around for many years. If you’re looking for premium cannabis seeds this would be your best choice.

The selection of seeds at the site is extensive with over 400 strains available to buy (including many sativas). Prices are competitive compared to other seed banks and there’s free US shipping!


Seedsman is a UK seed bank that accepts Western Union money transfers. They also accept credit cards, bitcoin, bank transfer and moneygrams. They have a large selection of cannabis seeds and will ship anywhere in the world.

Herbies Seeds

Herbies Seeds is a great seed bank that accepts western union. If you’re looking to get your hands on some good seeds, Herbies has got what you need. Their customer service is top-notch and they have a bunch of different strains available. They even have a few rare strains that you’ll only find here at Herbies! If you’re unsure about which strain to buy, check out their FAQ section or ask one of their representatives for help with choosing the right seed!

Sun West Genetics

Sun West Genetics is a seed bank that accepts Western Union, and they have a great selection of seeds. They have excellent customer service, ship worldwide and their shipping is discreet.

They have over 1,500 strains available in their collection so you can find the strain that best suits your needs. They also offer discounts on bulk orders if you buy more than one pack of seeds at a time.

Crop king Seeds

Crop king seeds is a top seed bank that accepts western union. Crop King Seeds has been providing customers with high-quality cannabis seeds for years, and it’s clear why they are one of the most well-known seed banks in the industry the company was founded in 2005.Crop King Seeds he has helped growers all over the world build their own successful gardens through the use of quality seeds. Today, Crop King continues to be an industry leader by offering a wide variety of strains that are perfect for any climate or grow method.

Crop King offers plenty of reasons why you should choose them when buying your next batch of cannabis plant seeds online:

  • They have an excellent reputation within the community because they provide great customer service;
  • They have an extensive selection so you can find just what you need no matter where you live;

Buying Cannabis Seeds Using Western Union: Pros and Cons

When it comes to buying cannabis seeds, one of the critical aspects to consider is the mode of payment. With an increasing number of seed banks expanding their payment methods, Western Union has emerged as a viable option for many cultivators. However, as is the case with any transaction method, using Western Union for purchasing cannabis seeds comes with its own set of pros and cons. This article explores these advantages and limitations to give you a better understanding and aiding your decision-making process.

Pros of Buying Cannabis Seeds Using Western Union

  1. Global Accessibility: Western Union has a wide network across the globe, making it a convenient option for buyers overseas. Not everyone has immediate access to online payment methods, but Western Union’s presence is more widespread, providing easy access to cash transfer services.
  2. Anonymity: Western Union transactions can be completed with a certain level of anonymity. This is particularly beneficial for those who do not wish their purchases to be directly linked to their bank accounts.
  3. Order Confirmation: Upon transferring funds through Western Union, you receive a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN). This can be used to confirm the transaction, providing proof of payment and making it an accountable method.

Cons of Buying Cannabis Seeds Using Western Union

  1. Transaction Fees: Western Union typically enforces transaction fees for their services. These fees can vary based on transaction sizes and locations, possibly adding an extra cost to your seed purchase.
  2. Time Consuming: Unlike instant online transactions, Western Union payments can take time. One might have to physically visit a location to send the payment. Also, the receiver might need to pick up the payment, adding to the overall processing time.
  3. Risk of Fraud: Although Western Union transactions can be secure, they might also expose you to potential fraudsters. Western Union payments are hard to trace once sent, thus it’s imperative to transact only with trusted seed banks.
  4. Regulations: In some countries, financial institutions including Western Union may have to report large transactions, especially international ones. This might not be ideal for those seeking to maintain their anonymity.

On a concluding note, the decision to use Western Union when buying cannabis seeds must be made prudently. While the service does offer advantages such as global accessibility and a certain level of anonymity, some potential downsides exist, including transaction fees, time consumption, risk of fraudulent activity, and regulated reporting of large transactions.

As a consumer, it’s crucial to weigh these pros and cons against your unique needs and circumstances. Evaluate your geographic location, personal privacy preferences, urgency, and trust in the seed bank before opting for Western Union for your transaction.

Choosing a payment method is a crucial aspect of the purchasing process. By understanding the benefits and limitations of each option, you can make an informed decision that best suits your requirements and offers a streamlined, worry-free buying experience.


In conclusion, embarking upon a fulfilling cannabis cultivation journey calls for sourcing quality seeds from dependable seed banks. Our curated list of top 5 seed banks that accept Western Union focuses on simplifying this process by offering reliable options that ensure smooth, secure transactions and a robust seed selection. Each seed bank highlighted in this guide is backed by a solid reputation and has expanded its payment arsenal to accommodate Western Union, providing a user-friendly alternative payment method for cannabis cultivators worldwide.

This assortment of seed banks offers a wealth of resources to suit diverse preferences in cannabis strains, experience levels, and cultivation requirements while facilitating an uncomplicated payment process. The top 5 seed banks stand as a valuable reference for growers, regardless of whether they are just beginning their foray into cannabis cultivation or are seasoned veterans in the field.

As you embark on your cannabis cultivation pursuits, bear in mind the importance of following local laws and adhering to best practices for responsible cultivation. With the guidance offered by this list, embark on a harmonious journey that not only caters to your seeds and strains preferences but also aligns with your preferred mode of payment through Western Union. Let this be the starting point for a fruitful venture into the fascinating world of cannabis cultivation.

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