Best Marijuana Seed Banks that Ship to NZ

Best Marijuana Seed Banks that Ship to NZ

If you’re a cannabis grower from New Zealand then you may have experienced a hard time looking for a good seed bank that will deliver to your destination. Usually, orders get lost while these are shipped or may get confiscated along the way. This is why you must rely on reputable seed banks that ship to NZ.

What do seed banks that ship to NZ has that other seed banks don’t? These seed banks can deliver orders anywhere around the world using the most reliable and affordable shipment methods. Therefore, these seed banks

Seed Banks That Ship to New Zealand

Crop King Seeds


  • You can choose from a large variety of popular marijuana seeds
  • You’ll get free shipping promos for qualified orders
  • You’ll get free seeds with qualified orders
  • Has one of the best germination rates
  • You can select from different payment options
  • You can contact customer service through chat 24/7
  • Easy to contact with complete contact information
  • Will ship to all countries including the USA
  • Easy to use site where you can place your orders


  • Has a few mix and match seed packs available

Available Deals and Promos

Crop King Seeds has a few ongoing promos and this includes free seeds offer for customers who have a total purchase of $450 or more and free deliveries for customers who have a total purchase of $200 or more. Other promo offers include discounts and special deals on strain prices available during special occasions, events, and holidays. For example, there is a special offer for Halloween this October to November 2020 and we’re sure that there will also be new promos for the Yuletide season.

One of the most popular seed banks in Canada and the rest of the world is Crop King Seeds. This seed bank will ship seeds to New Zealand as well as nearby areas. This seed bank is one of the most trustworthy as they have been in business for a very long time. There are many reasons to trust Crop King Seeds.

First, the seed bank has been around since 2005 and has received consistently good reviews. They have a wide collection of cannabis seeds and seed strains; you will surely find the strain you will need to grow. If you’re planning to cultivate medical seeds then you have a lot of choices. If you want a strain that will knock your socks off then you can also find this from Crop King Seeds’ library of seeds.

All of their seeds are carefully packed inside tight containers to ensure freshness. It’s a guarantee that your seeds will sprout as soon as you germinate them as this seed bank has one of the highest germination rates. All the types of seeds you have always wanted to grow are found here including regular, autoflowering, feminized seeds, CBD-rich seeds, fast version seeds, and many more.

Crop King Seeds is also a favorite among users because of their fast and discrete delivery especially for orders abroad.

MSNL Seeds

MSNL Seeds Review


  • With a lot of special offers and deals for customers
  • Get the best variety of cannabis seeds online
  • Get free seeds for all your orders
  • You can pick from different delivery options
  • Orders are shipped within 24 hours
  • Use cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to pay for your orders and get an additional 15% off
  • With a special rewards program
  • Order all kinds of strains from classic to new strains
  • You can use free guides


  • Does not accept returns
  • Does not accept PayPal or other online payments

Available Deals and Promos

MSNL has special offers and deals for customers and these are available all year long. There are special promos for every month; some seeds are also sold for half the price. This company offers free seeds for every order and finally, there is a special offer, 15% off on the total price of orders when customers use Bitcoin.

There are many reasons why New Zealand marijuana growers should order their supplies at MSNL. First, it is one of the most established cannabis seed banks as it began in 1999. This company began with just two people sharing their knowledge about growing cannabis; all the knowledge and skills that they have acquired over years of consuming and trading marijuana seeds in Europe and Australia.

This seed bank started with a collection of 50 cannabis seed strains that they curated in just a few years. Most of the cannabis seeds that are available in MSNL are very hard to find in traditional seed banks like landrace strains, unique medicinal strains, regular strains, high CBD strains, F1 strains and so much more.

One of the reasons why MSNL is so popular not just in New Zealand is that they support stealth shipment.  With stealth deliveries, you can guarantee that your orders will arrive at your destination and will less likely be held at borders and airport security personnel.  Your orders will be inside special unmarked packages with no logo, addresses, and company information on the package. Stealth delivery is also removing cannabis seeds from their original packaging and placing inside items that are completely unrelated to cannabis like toys, clocks, CDs, greeting cards, and so on.

Also, all the cannabis seeds available at MSNL are guaranteed the best quality. The company handpicks seeds and makes sure that all the seeds shipped are fresh, good quality, and will germinate as long as you follow the company’s simple germination steps. We recommend joining MSNL’s newsletter service to get the latest information, new seeds, and special promos. Newsletters are released regularly and all you need to do is to sign up.

I Love Growing Marijuana

ILGM Reviews


  • With a newly-updated website
  • Guaranteed the lowest price for cannabis seeds online
  • This is a retailer that serves customers all over the world
  • Is a partner with the most reputable, top-quality breeders all over the world (including newly- legalized U.S. states).
  • A large collection of cannabis seeds including regular, autoflowering, indica, sativa, indoor, outdoor, and medical strains. Currently with more than 6000 products!
  • With a large collection of Kush and hemp seeds
  • New promotions regularly released
  • Accepts all kinds of payment options
  • Will ship seeds in the best condition


  • Sells seeds as souvenirs only
  • Does not accept PayPal payments
  • Can be too overwhelming to shop

Available Deals and Promos

There are so many promotions, deals, and special offers at ILGM. First, you can get free seeds when you order strains included in the free seeds selection promo.

ILGM is a seed bank based in Amsterdam. It has the most products online as they are partners with a large number of seed banks in Europe, Canada, Spain, and the US. This seed bank has a solid reputation when it comes to seed variety as you can purchase almost all kinds of seeds including regular, autoflowering, feminized, high CBD, medical seeds and so much more.

If you’re new to buying cannabis seeds, you will be able to find exactly what you need thanks to its well-arranged cannabis seeds catalog. You can find seeds according to the breeder, seed type, most popular seeds, flowering period, indica or sativa, cannabinoid profile, growing environments, strength, amount of yield, height, level of experience, hardiness, smell and taste, medical strains, and strain type.

Even when you’re an experienced grower, you’ll surely appreciate ordering from Seed City as there are so many great strains to choose from. If you’re looking for new strains or something completely new to cultivate, this seed bank could be the one you’re looking for.

ILGM has the best promos and discount offers. You will get special prices on seeds especially popular seeds including medical seeds, resin seeds, CBD seeds, and more. It is partnered with top seed banks so expect a wide variety of promos available from these companies as well. Finally, many growers agree that ILGM is great because of its fastest worldwide delivery options. Orders shipped abroad are placed inside stealth packaging to make sure that the seeds arrive securely and discretely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions when buying from marijuana seed banks that deliver to New Zealand.

What is the currency used in most seed banks that ship to New Zealand?

The most common currency used in most online seed banks that ship to NZ is USD as this is an internationally recognized currency. If you use other currencies, this will be automatically converted upon checkout. Fees and taxes may also vary depending on where you’re located. It’s best to read the FAQs or terms and conditions of a seed bank before you order to fully understand their fees and taxes.

How much is the shipment of cannabis seed banks that deliver to NZ?

Shipment costs vary depending on your location. If you live in NZ, expect high shipment costs if you order from a seed bank located in Canada, US, or Europe. If a seed bank promises free shipping for international orders, check if NZ is included as most of the time, Australia and NZ orders are not covered.

How do you order cannabis seeds from online NZ seed banks?

Ordering cannabis seed from seed banks that ship to New Zealand is just like ordering from any seed bank. However, you must first check if the site ships cannabis orders to your location. If you live in the US, check if the online seed bank company ships to your location.

Another thing to consider is the mode of payment offered by the seed bank site. Usually, credit cards and cash upon delivery are not accepted modes of payment. So, if you use credit cards, debit cards, or cash, be sure to check this out first before you place your order.

Finally, always go for stealth delivery as this is the safest way to handle and ship seeds. Stealth delivery protects your identity as your seed orders will be shipped in unmarked packages or boxes and inside things that are completely unrelated to cannabis. Stealth shipping may cost more but this will guarantee that your seeds will get to you.

Your seeds will arrive according to a shipment timetable. Take note that this can change anytime and any changes will result in delays in your orders. Also, because of the coronavirus pandemic, delays of orders are inevitable. Even orders expected to arrive in just a few days may arrive weeks after.

Will cannabis seeds get seized when shipped to New Zealand?

There may be a possibility that your seeds may get seized at the border or at airport security checks. But don’t worry, usually, the seeds will just be thrown away and you won’t be contacted by officials. Some seed banks are very generous as they provide guarantees for their seeds especially seized orders. Also, we recommend that you use stealth delivery methods to ship your seeds to make sure that your orders stay secure. Finally, ask for tracking options so you’ll know exactly where your seeds are.

Final Words

The best marijuana seed banks that ship to NZ are those that deliver to all areas and countries around the world. Consider seed banks with the best payment options, delivery methods, and best deals. If you don’t consider these simple things, your orders may not arrive and you’ll end up losing money. Take note that not all seed banks deliver to NZ. Most that do, charge high delivery and shipment fees.

Finally, consider other important factors like the type of seeds, the kind of strain, the different seeds growing conditions, and many more. Only when you take note of all these factors will you be able to find the best seed bank that will ship to your region.

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