Afghanchitral Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 70% Sativa / 30% Indica
THC: 18% – 22%

Afghan Cow is a captivating sativa-dominant hybrid born from the combination of Ash, Kaya 47, and Kali Mist strains. Although it may be difficult to find in the mainstream cannabis market, those who discover Afghan Cow are treated to a unique flavor profile and significant impactful effects.

Flavor and Aroma

Afghan Cow delights the senses with a delectable taste that starts with the juicy freshness of grapes and berries, followed by a decadent, creamy, and buttery exhale with a whisper of sage. The aromatic profile complements the taste with earthy and grassy notes, underlined by a persistent fruity presence, generating a rich and complex sensory experience.


The onset of Afghan Cow’s high is both immediate and comforting, boosting the mood and propelling the mind into a whirlwind of cerebral activity. Known for generating a wave of clear-headed energy, this strain can amplify focus and motivation, making it perfect for creative endeavors or task completion. However, the strain’s strength may lead to psychedelic sensations which might cause paranoia, anxiety, or headaches for some users.

Medical Applications

With a THC level that can reach anywhere between 18% and 22%, Afghan Cow proves itself as an effective option for patients seeking to alleviate symptoms of chronic fatigue, depression, glaucoma, and stress. Its ability to invoke a mindful focus is also beneficial for those who experience migraines.


The physical attributes of Afghan Cow are distinctive, characterized by dense and elongated minty green nuggets. These are augmented with brightly colored leaves, fiery orange pistils, and a lustrous coat of tiny, amber-hued crystal trichomes, all indicative of the strain’s robust nature and high quality.


Enjoying Afghan Cow results in an array of impressive effects that combine to lift creativity, provide euphoric feelings, enhance concentration, and impart a calming sensation without dampening sharpness and alertness. Afghan Cow stands as a potent sativa strain that delivers an invigorating mental boost alongside an exquisite combination of tastes and scents. Ideal for those in need of an energetic and creative spur, it should nevertheless be approached with caution by beginners or those who are prone to the effects of high-THC cannabis strains due to its powerful and cerebral influence.

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