Afghan Cow Marijuana Strain Review & information

Afghan Cow, a rare sativa-dominant hybrid strain, is derived from crossing the equally scarce Ash, Kaya 47, and Kali Mist strains. This sought-after strain is celebrated for its unique flavor profile and potent cerebral effects, making it a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts.

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Flavor and Aroma

Afghan Cow presents an unmatched flavor comprised of fresh grapes and berries with a creamy, buttery exhale touched by sage. The aroma complements the taste, displaying earthy and grassy notes while still carrying the essence of berry and grape.


The effects of Afghan Cow may be observed almost immediately after smoothing out its exhale. Users experience a marked lift in mood and a shift into cerebral effects. A sensation of clear-headed energy that engenders focus and motivation allows users to effortlessly tackle any challenges. However, these effects can intensify and result in psychedelic visions, potentially triggering paranoia, anxiety, and headaches.

Medical Uses

Thanks to its high THC level ranging between 18-22%, Afghan Cow is utilized for managing chronic fatigue, depression, glaucoma, and stress. Its invigorating cerebral effects make it a preferred choice for patients suffering from these conditions.


Afghan Cow buds are dense, elongated, and minty green in color. The vibrant leaves are adorned with fiery orange hairs and a coating of tiny amber-colored crystal trichomes, adding to the strain’s overall allure.


Afghan Cow is an exceptional sativa-dominant cannabis strain that delivers incomparable flavor profiles and energizing cerebral effects. It serves as a popular choice for recreational users as well as individuals looking to alleviate symptoms of specific ailments. For those who appreciate unique flavors and mind-boosting experiences, Afghan Cow is definitely worth trying.

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