A-Bomb Marijuana Strain Information & Review

A-Bomb Marijuana Strain Information & Review

A-Bomb, affectionately dubbed “Atomic Bomb,” stands as a potent indica dominant hybrid with a genetic makeup of 70% indica to 30% sativa. Born from the union of the legendary Chemdawg and an enigmatic indica kush, A-Bomb detonates powerful body and mind effects—effectively annihilating physical and mental discomfort. The onset of the high launches users into euphoria, followed by a cascade of relaxation that ultimately immobilizes you in tranquil sedation, often culminating in sleep, particularly for the inexperienced. With a THC content hovering between 15-16%, A-Bomb has garnered acclaim for its ability to combat chronic pain, depression, stress, insomnia, and nausea. The sensory experience of A-Bomb is equally impressive, with a palate of sweet, woody citrus notes that are enhanced upon exhaling. Its aromatic profile is a mélange of dank citrus with a subtle earthy pine undertone. Visually, A-Bomb flaunts elongated, fluffy pepper-shaped buds, adorned with minty patches and a wealth of furry amber hairs, all highlighted by a glittering coat of amber crystal trichomes.

A-Bomb Marijuana Strain effects & Flavors

Effects: A-Bomb initiates its course with an ameliorating body high, segueing into inducing feelings of euphoria. It fosters a state of relaxation and then gently leads towards sleepiness.

May Help With: A-Bomb is potentially capable of relieving chronic pain via its deeply soothing properties, battling depression through its euphoria-inducing quality, relieving insomnia by encouraging drowsiness, and easing nausea and stress with its calming effects.

Flavors: A-Bomb strain presents an intriguing flavor experience – with a sharp citrus hit initially, evolving into a sweet mid-palate, and winding up with a distinct woody note.

Aromas: In terms of aroma, A-Bomb displays an attractive fusion of citrus brightness, dankness, earthiness, and a pine backdrop. This creates a scent journey that goes from refreshing to grounding, complementing the overall strain experience.

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