Mimosa Vs. Blue Dream

Mimosa Vs. Blue Dream

Mimosa and Blue Dream are two popular cannabis strains that each have their unique effects.

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Mimosa is a Sativa-dominant strain that is often used to treat pains, stress, and anxiety. It also helps treat sleep disorders, such as insomnia. This strain is most commonly grown indoors as it requires a lot of space and time to mature properly.

Blue Dream is another Sativa-dominant strain that was created by crossing Blueberry Indica with Super Silver Haze. It has been known to reduce pain and help users relax. This strain has become increasingly popular over the last decade due to its ability to help patients manage their symptoms without getting too high or paranoid.

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Strain Appearance

Strain CharacteristicsMimosaBlue Dream
Sativa Percentage70%60%
Indica Percentage30%40%
Plant GeneticsSativa Clementine x Purple PunchBlueberry Indica x Super Silver Haze
THC Amount20%18%
CBD Amount1.00%2%
Flowering Time49 to 70 days7 to 9 weeks
Overall HeightMediumTall
Smell, Aroma & Tastepeppery citrus, fresh grape aroma, and citrussweet berry, blueberry, citrus, sweet and fruity
Yields IndoorHigh18 to 21 ounces
Yields OutdoorHigh20 + ounces per  plant
Harvest Time OutdoorsMiddle of October9 – 10 Weeks
Growing DifficultyModerateModerate
Similar Weed StrainsPurple Punch, Clementine, Zlushi, Orange CakeBlue Dream CBD, Blue Magoo, Double Dream
Positive EffectsRelaxed, Focused, and Hungryuplifting and cerebral effects, creativity, motivation, focus
Side EffectsDry mouth, dry eyes, stress, and a loss of appetiteDry eyes, dry mouth
Medical EffectsJoint pain, muscular pain, headaches, and chronic fatiguerelief from pain, anxiety, depression, muscles spasms, and stress


Mimosa is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has energizing qualities, while Blue Dream is a sativa with relaxing properties. If you’re looking for an energetic high, then mimosa might be the one for you. On the other hand, if you want to unwind after a long day, blue dream may be more your speed.

In terms of potency, it’s important to note that both strains are stronger than average so use caution if this is your first time trying either of them!

Flavor and Aroma

Mimosa is said to have a sweet citrus flavor, whereas blue dream is said to have a blueberry flavor. Both strains are good for pain relief and stress relief as well as anxiety and depression.

Grow Info

The two strains have similar growing environments, but each has its own particular needs. Mimosa grows taller and takes longer to flower (upwards of 10 weeks), while Blue Dream is more compact with a shorter flowering time (around 8 weeks). Mimosa is also known for having lower yields than other strains. Blue Dream is more resistant to mold and pests than Mimosa, so it’s an ideal choice if you’re concerned about these issues in your grow space.

Similar Strains

The most obvious similarity between these two strains is the fact that they are both sativa dominant. This means that their effects tend to be uplifting and energetic, giving you a boost of energy but also helping you feel relaxed and happy at the same time. Both Mimosa and Blue Dream have THC contents in the range of 18-20%. The CBD content isn’t too far off either, with both strains containing around 1-2%.

The terpene profile of these two strains is quite similar as well. Both contain myrcene, pinene (which accounts for their piney smell), limonene (the citrusy scent), caryophyllene oxide (the spicy note), linalool (the floral note) and humulene (the earthy note).

Mimosa or Blue Dream?

With two of the most popular cannabis strains, it’s only natural for you to wonder which one is better. Mimosa vs blue dream is actually a very close match-up, with either one being a great choice for you if you’re looking for a good strain of weed. Both are hybrids that fall somewhere between sativa and indica, meaning they have more than enough THC content to get you high while still providing some relaxing effects so that you won’t feel too jittery or anxious.

Mimosa features a high THC content with low CBD levels; this means that if your goal is getting stoned without losing control over yourself (which can happen when consuming too much THC), then mimosa might not be the right place to start.

Conclusion, Mimosa Vs. Blue Dream

Mimosa or Blue Dream? Both of these strains have a lot to offer, but there are also some key differences. If you’re looking for a morning-appropriate strain with an uplifting effect and great flavor, then the Mimosa may be your best bet. If you want something that will make you feel relaxed and sleepy at night, then go for Blue Dream!

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