Sunset Sherbet vs Gelato

Sunset Sherbet vs Gelato

If you’re into relaxing indica strains then you’ll be glad to know which strain wins with Sunset Sherbet vs Gelato. Both are hybrid strains with indica-leaning characteristics and strong flavor and tastes. But there are also obvious differences such as Gelato’s steep THC content at around 25% and Sunset Sherbet’s ease of growing. The two have almost similar flavors and effects as well as medicinal uses.

We have a side by side comparison of Sunset Sherbet vs Gelato to help you choose the best when it comes to flowering time, ease of growing, yield amount, and more.

Strain CharacteristicsSunset SherbetGelato
Sativa Percentage15%45%
Indica Percentage85%55%
Plant GeneticsGirl Scout CookiesSunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
THC Amount19%25%
CBD Amount0.20%0.1%
Flowering Time8 weeks9 weeks
Overall HeightMediumMedium
Smell, Aroma & TasteSweet, earthy, and citrusyBerry, pungent and sweet
Yields Indoor200 grams per square meter600 grams per square meter
Yields Outdoor300 grams per plant1000 grams per plant
Harvest Time OutdoorsLast weeks of SeptemberMiddle of October
Growing DifficultyEasy to growHard to manage
Similar Weed StrainsPhantom OG, Grape Cookies and 22Wedding Cake, CG4, and Sherbet
Positive EffectsEuphoric, happy, and relaxedEuphoric, happy, and relaxed
Side EffectsDry mouth, dry eyes, and headachesDry mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness
Medical EffectsAches and pains, depression and stressAches and pains, depression and stress


When it comes to Sunset Sherbet vs Gelato, the best strain will depend on what you want in a cannabis plant. If you’re looking for an easy growing strain that will bloom fast and harvest early then the Sunset Sherbet cannabis strain is the one for you. But if you’re into a strain with higher THC and massive yields, Gelato is your strain. If you’re an experienced grower then you’re likely to take on the challenge of cultivating Gelato. And if you’re a medicinal grower, either strain will be a good one as both can ease pain and work with stress, anxiety, and depression. 

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