Mind-Bending Artistry: 15 Stoner Easy Trippy Paintings

Stoner Easy Trippy Paintings

In the realm of the psychedelic, creativity reigns supreme. The fascinating interplay of colors, shapes, and imagery weaves together to form spectacular visions that are as boundless as the imaginations that create them. Welcome to “Mind-Bending Artistry: 15 Stoner Easy Trippy Paintings“, a comprehensive guide designed to ignite your creativity and allow you to explore the world of psychedelic imagery in a relaxed and accessible way.

Unlocking your inner artist and delving into a fantastical world of creativity can be a remarkably therapeutic and enlightening experience. Psychedelic art is an artistic manifestation that utilizes highly intricate, surrealistic forms and vibrant colors, often inspired by hallucinogenic experiences. Whether or not you partake in any mind-altering substances, delving into such an art form can tap into a whole new level of consciousness, facilitating a deep connection between your mind and the canvas.

In this guide, we will walk you through 15 stoner, easy, and trippy painting ideas and tutorials that transcend the ordinary. These painting designs range from the dreamlike beauty of galaxies and majestic spirit animals to mesmerizing mandalas and vibrant, surreal landscapes. Each tutorial invites you into a new realm of painterly exploration, tailored to awaken your creativity and transform your artistic approach. Let’s embark on this color-filled journey together.

15 Stoner Easy Trippy Paintings

Cosmic Collision

Blend hues of blues and purples with white to give a duplex effect of both darkness and illuminating cosmic energy. Adding swirling spiral galaxies and explosive stars will offer an additional visual impact.

Galaxy Dreams

With acrylic paint, start by creating a black background for a deep-space effect. Splatter white paint for distant stars. Blend blues, purples, and blacks to create swirling galaxies and use a round brush or a sponge to dab on bright colors for planets. Finish with a starburst effect around the planets.

Psychedelic Sunsets

Begin with a bright, warm color at the horizon and blend into deeper oranges and purples. Use a dry brush to create a silhouette effect for trees or landscapes. Detailed accents like colorful clouds or birds in flight can enhance the trippy vibe.

Mandala Energy

Start by drawing a small circle in the centre of your canvas. Proceed by making increasingly larger circles with different patterns around the initial circle. Fill the patterns with vibrant colors of your choice. Allow each concentric design to flow into the next for a kaleidoscopic effect.

Spirit Animals

Image Source

Choose your spirit animal and sketch it out. Paint the background with a mix of bold colors. Fill in the animal sketch with luminous, trippy patterns and colors. Blend everything with wide brush strokes for smooth transitions.

Geometric Waves

Start with a monochrome background. On top of this, create hypnotic wave patterns using a collection of geometric shapes. Use different shades of the same color or go wild with a rainbow of hues.

Neon Jungle

Image Source

Paint a jungle or forest scene using bright neon paints. Focus on contrasting the neon colors with some darker ones to add depth and highlight the glowing effect of the neon. You can incorporate UV paints for an extra pop.

Third Eye

Paint a realistic eye, centered on the canvas. Surround it with psychedelic designs and patterns, and use color transitions to heighten the image’s trippy effects.

Abstract Swirls

Image Source

Start with a soothing washed background using fluid acrylics. Once this dries, add swirling lines of different colors to create a mesmerizing effect. Allow the colors to bleed and blend together for added effect.

Diamond Sky

Image Source

Paint a midnight blue sky and then proceed to add diamond ‘stars’. Use varying shades of blue and white to create the shining effect of multi-faceted diamonds.

Stoner’s Garden

Image Source

Draw out shapes of leaves and fill them in with a vibrant mix of green, blue, and purple. Add abstract flowers and other elements, using unusual colors for added pizazz.

UV Paint

Image Source

Start with a normal painting using standard paints. Once you’re happy with your base, overlay it with UV-reactive paints that glow under blacklight to add an extra dimension and depth.

Surreal Landscape

Begin with a picturesque landscape but don’t stick to natural colors. Paint the sky purple or the trees pink. Don’t limit your creativity with realistic colors.

Acid Rain

Image Source

Start with a cityscape background and layer on drippy streaks of bright, neon colors to depict rain. The drips can fall in multiple directions to create an otherworldly, gravity-defying effect.

Psychedelic Portraits

Create a basic self-portrait then remix it with vibrant colors and abstract designs. You could create flower crowns, swirls instead of typical facial features, and more to make your portrait trippy.


We’ve now explored the wonders of “15 Stoner Easy Trippy Paintings“, a thrilling journey into the hypnotic depths of psychedelic artistry. As you have seen, these unique and easy designs provide an excellent starting point to unleash your inner artist and immerse yourself in the vast and vibrant universe of psychedelic art.

Regardless of your skill level, stoner painting is accessible and enjoyable for everyone. It not only paves the way for artistic self-expression but also offers a transformative, meditative experience. Let your creative spirit run free, experiment with different techniques, mix and meld audacious colors, and most importantly, enjoy the process.

While the creations sprung from this handbook serve as wonderful personal keepsakes, they also make great conversation starters or gifts. Remember, there is no wrong in art – only infinite possibilities. Keep indulging in your artistic endeavors and let your colorful journeys continue.

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