Platinum Cookies vs Girl Scout Cookies

Platinum Cookies vs Girl Scout Cookies

It’s a battle of indica strains Platinum Cookies vs Girl Scout Cookies. Platinum Cookies is also known as Platinum Girl Scout Cookies so it’s basically a relative of the classic Girl Scout Cookies Strain. Both strains come with extremely-high THC levels going up to 28 percent which means you can instantly get knocked over and suffer a couchlock effect if you’re not careful. Grow-wise, Platinum Cookies, and Girl Scout Cookies have almost the same characteristics.

We have a side by side comparison of Platinum Cookies vs Girl Scout Cookies to help you choose the best when it comes to flowering time, growing difficulty, yield amount, and many more.

Strain CharacteristicsPlatinum CookiesGirl Scout Cookies
Sativa Percentage40%40%
Indica Percentage60%60%
Plant GeneticsDurban Poison x OG KushDurban Poison x OG Kush Cross
THC Amount17 to 28%18 to 28%
CBD Amount0.06 to 0.20%0.20%
Flowering Time8 to 10 weeks9 to 10 weeks
Overall HeightMediumMedium
Smell, Aroma & TasteEarthy, pungent, sweet, and pineFruity, minty, skunk, diesel, and sweet
Yields Indoor12 ounces per square meter10 ounces per square meter
Yields Outdoor16 ounces or more per plant10 ounces or more per plant
Harvest Time OutdoorsMiddle of OctoberMiddle of October
Growing DifficultyModerate – resistance to most plant diseasesModerate – resistant to most plant diseases
Similar Weed StrainsGirl Scout CookiesPlatinum Cookies
Positive EffectsRelaxing,  euphoric, uplifting, and creativeHappy, euphoric, uplifting, relaxing, and creative
Side EffectsDry mouth, dry eyes, anxiety, paranoia, and dizzinessDry eyes, dry mouth, paranoia, and anxiety
Medical EffectsAches and pains, depression, poor appetite, stress, and headachesAches and pains, insomnia, poor appetite, depression, and stress


Platinum Cookies vs Girl Scout Cookies is like pitting two close family members. Clearly, there’s no comparison as both strains can produce good yields, will flower early, and have amazing flavors and smells. If you’re into relaxing and euphoric strains that can ease pain, improve appetite and stop stress and anxiety then you can either choose Platinum Cookies or Girl Scout Cookies strains.

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