How to Roll a Joint with Gum Wrapper?

How to Roll a Joint with Gum Wrapper?

You should learn how to roll a joint if you smoke weed. Smoking a joint is the easiest and the fastest way to light up and feel the effects of weed right away. Whether you’re smoking weed for recreational or medicinal use, a joint is handy, easy to use, and readily available. And do you know how to roll a joint with a gum wrapper? If you run out of rolling paper, you can always improvise with a piece of gum. Here’s how to do it.

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What Wou Need To Roll A Joint With Gum Wrapper

You need the following handy materials to roll joints using a gum wrapper.

Dried Marijuana

Select the strain you want to roll. The amount will depend on your preference. If you prefer larger joints then you need more dried weed. Make sure the gum wrapper you have can handle the amount of weed you want to smoke.

A stick of gum with a wrapper

Choose a large stick of gum. If you can’t find one, use two or three pieces of small gum.

Small piece of cardboard

You will make a crutch out of a small piece of cardboard.


You need a good quality grinder to grind or cut dried flowers.


You need a lighter to remove the gum wrapper coating.

Oil or honey

You can use any natural oil or honey to seal the joint once you’re done.

Instructions on how to roll a joint with gum wrapper

Follow these easy steps to make a joint with a gum wrapper

Prepare the weed you want to use

Take your dried flower and break it apart into smaller pieces using your hands. Well-dried weed will break down easily and won’t stick too much on your hands. Use a grinder to cut the dried weed into smaller pieces. If you don’t have one, use a pair of scissors. Cut weed until they are free from lumps or large particles. It’s easier to burn weed that is finely ground.

Prepare the gum wrapper

If you’re wondering how to roll a joint with a gum wrapper, we’re getting there. Unwrap a stick of gum and take the wrapper. A gum wrapper is made up of two layers: the colored coating and the flimsy aluminum film.

Use a lighter to separate the two layers by heating the thin paper part. Hold the lighter about a few inches from the gum wrapper. You’ll see that once you apply heat, the colored part will easily lift away from the aluminum layer. Take the thin paper part and discard the aluminum layer. Repeat the steps to make more gum wrapper paper if you want to roll more joints.

Create the crutch

A crutch is a term for the filter. Some joint makers don’t use a crutch but some who do use one say that it helps hold the weed inside the joint. A crutch helps you regulate your smoke and will keep you from burning your lips.

Take a piece of cardboard or an old business card and fold it in small accordion-style folds. Once you’re done, press the folds together to make the crutch. Another way to make a crutch is to just roll the cardboard until you get a spiral. You will insert the crutch at the open end of the joint.

Roll your joint

To manually roll a joint, place a gum wrapper film on a smooth surface and place dried weed on half of the film/paper. A good joint would have at least half a gram of weed while a bigger one would have a gram.

Start forming the joint with your hands. You should be careful when using gum wrapper paper as this is sometimes thinner than ordinary paper. Roll the weed until you form the shape of the joint.

Once you’re done, time to pack the joint. Hold the open joint with your fingers. Pinch one end; this is the lighted end or where you will light it up. Place the crutch at the other end. You can also place the crutch when the joint is still open. Fix the joint’s shape starting from the crutch side.

Seal the joint

You may use any type of natural oil or honey to seal the joint. Honey and other natural oils can even add flavor to your smoke. Some people lick the joint to seal too.

Keep your joints

Place the newly-rolled joints inside a safe and well-ventilated place. You may use a humidor or an airtight container. Don’t press on the joints when you keep them to preserve their shape. Now that you know how to roll a joint with a gum wrapper, you can save on expensive rolling papers. Make sure to keep your joints properly, in the correct storage containers so these can last longer.

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