How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Safely? [Online & Offline]

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds

As there are different laws on buying marijuana in different regions and countries, buying marijuana seeds is another thing. Most countries are not very keen on regulating cannabis seeds selling as these are considered plant products. However, in some countries like in the UK, you cannot buy cannabis outright in seed banks but you can purchase these as souvenirs.

We have tips to help you buy marijuana safely online and offline. But before you purchase cannabis seeds, we recommend you check local cannabis laws about buying seeds. Always be updated especially if you plan to do this regularly.

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Buying Marijuana Seeds Safely Online

Buy only from accredited, regulated, and trustworthy sites

There are hundreds of online seed bank sites in the US, Canada, UK, and the rest of the world but only a few of them are regulated and reliable. It’s also hard to tell nowadays if you’re dealing with a trustworthy company. So as much as possible, check the seed bank credentials and reviews.

Some signs that the site is a scam seed bank if the company is unable to provide a real mailing address or contact information. It is a scam site if customers are not getting the seeds that they paid for. Also, check the overall design and look of the site. If something looks off to you, DON’T BUY from the online seed bank site.

Always choose stealth shipment

Reputable seed banks offer different shipment methods and most likely these also offer stealth shipping. Stealth shipment is the safest way to make sure that your orders get to you. This is considering that cannabis seeds may be seized in ports or borders by customs personnel in your country.

In some online seed banks, they take seeds out of their original packaging and place these inside conspicuous items or things that are totally unrelated to cannabis. This may be CD cases, toys, clocks, and other souvenir-like items. In other online sites that offer stealth shipment, your orders are shipped in unmarked packaging. When the package arrives, you don’t need to sign for it and the name of the seed bank company won’t appear on your credit card or bank statement (if you use these methods).

Buy seeds wholesale

Limit your online orders and deliveries and buy seeds in wholesale. Some reputable seed bank sites sell cannabis seeds at wholesale prices so you can save money on seeds and shipment. Also, you can limit stress and worries when you order wholesale as you only have to wait for your orders once.

Check online reviews and recommendations

One way to buy seeds safely is to read online reviews of the site first. Check for complaints like seeds are not delivered, missing orders, seeds don’t germinate, and more. You must also consider recommendations from trustworthy people like friends, and family members who have purchased seeds online before.

Buying Marijuana Seeds In An Actual Store

Buy only from a regulated seed bank

Don’t buy from the black market. If cannabis growing is legal in your area then you can easily find regulated seed banks in your area. If there are no local seedbanks, you may need to resort to online seed banks but never buy from illegal sites.

Buy in person if not, have these delivered to you

Buy cannabis seeds in person to check for quality and viability. If you can choose seeds, select those that are solid, firm, dark, and shiny. The seeds must be intact, with no holes, openings, and pits. Opened seeds must be discarded. If the cannabis seeds are in a package, it must show details about the name of the cannabis strain, the date it was packed, and the best before date. Inspect the packaging for signs of tampering. Always ask if there are guarantees for their products.

Ask for the seed bank’s germination rates

When it comes to guarantees, a seed bank will tell you that their seeds have a high germination rate but make sure to check and ask for written guarantees. However, there are some conditions to these warranties as you need to closely follow their germination procedure. Ask for these as well so you won’t get scammed with fake and non-viable seeds.

Ask people for recommendations

If cannabis growing is legal in your country, it is likely that some of your friends or family members have also purchased seeds. Ask them for good seed bank recommendations. Ask where you can buy seeds safely and for the best value.

It’s easy to get scammed especially when you’re new to buying cannabis seeds and you’re very eager to get some. Don’t lower your guard and always be alert for fraudulent sites, misleading information, and impossible deals and offers.  Finally, always check payment options whether you’re buying seeds from online seed banks or in person. Look for the ones you trust.

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