Top 50 Funny Names for Weed

Funny Names for Weed

This is a list of the top 50 funny marijuana names. This is not a complete list as there are many more new terms right of the streets. Each time a name or word becomes overused and too easy to relate to weed, a new word comes along. Now, most of these words come from neighborhoods and cities from the U.S. while some are considered international names for weed. Read on for the weird and funny names for marijuana on and off the streets.


This name is a no-brainer as it’s based on April 20 which is internationally known as cannabis day. Whenever you hear or see the numbers 420, remember that this is not about 4:20 AM/PM, or is it a street number. It just means marijuana or weed.


Weed can make you high, take you to the clouds, like an airplane. This is probably the reason why people refer to weed as an airplane.


The marijuana plant looks like a tropical plant but when dried and processed may look like bundles of vegetables. And because asparagus has a deep green color, people started referring to weed as asparagus.


No one knows where the name bone came from and why it’s used to refer to weed. But it’s probably because weed gives you chills deep into your bones.


As asparagus is used to refer to weed, so does broccoli. So when you overhear kids saying they want to eat broccoli for dinner, don’t trust them. They’re just referring to smoking weed later.


Almost every stoner knows that bud refers to the marijuana plant. It is the dried form of the flower which is processed to smoke.


Smoking weed will give you enlightenment, calmness, and possibly the ability to think like Buddha which explains the weird name.


Tommy Chong is one of the most popular cannabis activists of all time and this is surely why his name was used to lovingly refer to weed.


Chopping your stash is dividing it according to your needs or your friends if you have company. A chop could be a portion of your stash.


As the cannabis flowers start to mature, some appear to look like large inverted cones and hence the name.

Dank Sinatra

Dank refers to the smell and taste of some weed strains. Smoking some Dank Sinatra means you’re tasting delicious, full-bodied cannabis or exotic cannabis strains.

Dobby’s Hobby

Dooby is a common name for weed and referring to cannabis as a hobby by saying Dobby’s Hobby seems legit.


This is another term with unclear origins. It’s also funny to say especially when you’re too excited to get some doinks.


Doob is just a variation of doobie or doobie.


Doobie is similar to doob and dobby which all refer to smoking some fine joints.


Getting dope is getting wasted with weed. Dope is known almost everywhere and it’s one of the universally accepted names.

Dr. Greenthumb

Dr. Greenthumb is from a 1998 song by Cypress Hill about an alter-ego named Dr. Greenthumb. The doctor is a cannabis grower and so, overhearing anyone saying he needs to see Dr. Greenthumb means he’s about to meet his supplier.


Ganja is a term used to refer to good-quality marijuana. This strain is potent and well-prepared and is best smoked or vaped.


Since cannabis can make you giggle and laugh uncontrollably, many refer to it as Gigglesmoke.

Gorilla Glue

This is one of the most popular cannabis strains; a potent hybrid that will give you an overpowering and sedating effect.


Grass is another common term to refer to weed or the marijuana plant.


Going green refers to someone’s plans to smoke weed and not about saving the planet.

Green Crack

Green Crack is one of the finest sativa strains and is a descendant of the famous Skunk #1.

Green Goddess

Those who worship marijuana’s amazing effects call the plant their Green Goddess.

Grim Reefer

Cannabis use can lead to all sorts of effects including unexpected ones and this is why many call weed the Grim Reefer.

Happy Smoke

Smoking cannabis will make you feel light, happy, and uninhibited which is why many refer to weed as their Happy Smoke.


Hashish is one of the oldest names for cannabis. It is a product of compressing trichomes of weed plants and is either smoked or taken orally.

Hogs Leg (Joint)

Large, fat joints indeed look like pigs’ legs so hence the term hog’s legs.


Kush is a cannabis indica strain that was first grown in the mountains of Northern Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Northwest India.

Mary Jane

Calling marijuana Mary Jane is another widely used name. This is the reason why no one calls their child Mary Jane anymore.

Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie is a very potent sativa strain, a classic that’s very smooth and potent. Kid Cudi even wrote a song about Maui Wowie.


Mull is a mixture of tobacco and weed. These are finely chopped and wrapped in a bowl.

Noble Weed

No one knows where this name came from but our guess is from Noble Farms who grows noble weed.


Nuggs refer to the fat flowers that are ready for harvest.

Pineapple Express

Another tropical weed strain that’s also a movie title by Seth Rogen.


Everyone knows that pot refers to cannabis and also smoking weed with friends in a pot session.

Power Flower

Power Flower is a very potent sativa strain with a South African lineage.

Proposition 19

Everyone in California knows that Proposition 19 is the tax-transfer amendment but for weed users, it simply means marijuana or cannabis.

Puff The Magic Dragon

The song with the same title refers to the worries of growing older and is not related to weed at all. But stoners use it to refer to weed anyway.


Cannabis is known as one of the most popular drugs in India since 2000 BCE and hence the name Punjab refers to strains with an Indian lineage.

Purple Haze

This name refers to the potent cannabis strain with severe psychedelic effects. It’s so strong that Jimi Hendrix wrote a song about it in 1967.


Just like the Grim Reefer, this name refers to delicious fluffy weed.

Rock ‘n Roll Tobacco

Every stoner knows that smoking the finest weed joint will make you feel happy and uninhibited, ready to rock and roll.

Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy was known to openly admit smoking weed and thus, his name is used to refer to the drug today.

Scooby Snacks

Edible cannabis products are heartwarmingly called Scooby Snacks by users.

Sinister Minister

Sinister Kush is a mysterious hybrid strain with unknown origins. The name Sinister Minister refers to anyone selling this potent and weird strain.

Sinner’s Spinach

We all feel guilty taking weed at some point and hence it has been called Sinner’s Spinach.

Sweet Leaf

Cannabis is not just potent but it’s all about the mixture of flavors and tastes; being a Sweet Leaf is one of them.

The Devil’s Lettuce

Taking very potent, high THC weed is like tasting The Devil’s Lettuce.

The Holy Herb

Many say that cannabis induces some kind of awakening, allowing them to think better and focus better. These are reasons why the drug is called The Holy Herb.

There you have it, 50 top funny, weird, and unique names to refer to weed. Get to know these terms and surprise your budtender on your next visit.

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