Best Strains to Grow Outdoors in Arizona

Best Strains to Grow Outdoors in Arizona

Arizona’s unique desert climate presents both opportunities and challenges for outdoor cannabis cultivation. With vast amounts of sunshine, hot temperatures, and low humidity, growers must carefully select strains that can not only withstand these specific conditions but also excel under the desert sun. The state’s flourishing medical and recreational cannabis markets further fuel the demand for high-quality outdoor-grown marijuana, making it crucial for cultivators to choose strains that yield impressive harvests. In this guide, we introduce the top 8 best strains to grow outdoors in Arizona, handpicked for their resilience, adaptability, and potency. These strains cover a diverse range of Sativa, Indica, and hybrid varieties, ensuring that there is a suitable option for every grower’s preference and requirement. By planting these strains in your Arizona outdoor garden, you can optimize productivity and yield, resulting in robust, flavorful, and aesthetically pleasing cannabis flowers that cater to both medicinal and recreational users alike. Whether you are an experienced grower or a novice just beginning your cannabis cultivation journey, the following list of exceptional desert-friendly strains will provide a solid foundation for a thriving outdoor garden, perfectly suited to Arizona’s distinctive climate.

8 Best Strains to Grow Outdoors in Arizona

  1. AMF OG
  2. Critical Kush
  3. Durban Poison
  4. Dark Angel
  5. Kosher Kush
  6. Larry OG
  7. Moosa and Lobsta’
  8. Triangle Kush “The White”


AMF stands for the phrase “Adios Motherfu****” and was named after a strain as this is what you’ll say last after your head becomes filled with its very potent indica effects. This strain will survive the harsh heat of Arizona weather and is also very forgiving. Aside from its potent effects, it can help deal with insomnia, anxiety, stress, pain, and insomnia.

Critical Kush

Dr. Who is a cannabis strain with a delicious body-centric high. This will produce a happy and relaxing effect, ideal for people who are dealing with depression, headaches, and stress. Dr. Who is easy to cultivate as it can survive even in the harsh, dry climates of Arizona. But it needs rich soil and good care especially during the flowering stage to preserve its large and dense buds.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that will make you feel relaxed, happy, and uplifted. It is a relaxing strain ideal for the relief of pain, anxiety, and stress. It has as much as 24% THC content and thus, capable of giving you a couchlock effect. Growers love Durban Poison as it is one of the easiest to grow even in the harsh warm and dry climates of Arizona.

Dark Angel

Dark Angel is a strain that will make you laugh endlessly. It is a very easy strain to grow and you’ll love its sweet and delicious smell as the buds start to mature. It is also reported that Dark Angel has aphrodisiac properties and will benefit men and women who want to boost their sex drive.

Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush was a very popular clone-only strain but thanks to the efforts of talented growers, it is now easier to find Kosher Kush seeds. It has towering THC content up to 30% and thus, it’s capable of taking down anyone and inducing a couchlock effect. Kosher Kush is a sticky, resin-filled strain with fruity tastes and smells.

Larry OG

Larry OG is a delicious strain with citrusy, piney, and sweet aromas. This strain will grow lovely orange hairs covered with thick crystals which signify its potency. It is capable of inducing a balanced high, a positive headiness that will inspire you to work and tackle tasks all day long.

Moosa and Lobsta’

This is a unique strain created in the Phoenix, Arizona area and now, it is more popular than ever thanks to its sativa characteristics. It is an energetic strain that will help you fight depression, anxiety, fatigue, and pain. It has a sweet and fruity taste and aroma that you will surely savor. This is a sativa and thus, needs a large, open space to grow and thrive outdoors.

Triangle Kush “The White”

Triangle Kush is popular for being a fun and exciting strain as it can produce very heavy euphoric effects. It is an indica, related to the OG Kush, Chemdog, and Lemon Thai strains so expect delicious flavors that will fill your growing area. It is also easy to grow and will also work best as a medicinal strain.

Conclusion, Best Strains to Grow Outdoors in Arizona

Growing cannabis outdoors in Arizona’s distinct desert climate poses certain challenges, but with careful strain selection, adequate preparation, and diligent care, cultivators can reap a bountiful and high-quality harvest. The eight strains highlighted in this guide represent some of the best options for outdoor cultivation in Arizona, chosen for their hardiness, adaptability to hot climates, and potency. These varieties offer a mix of Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains, catering to a broad spectrum of preferences and medicinal needs. Cultivating these strains can not only yield a robust, flavorful, and high-quality crop but also a rewarding and enriching gardening experience. As cannabis cultivation trends evolve and technology advances, growers in Arizona could see even more strain options tailored to their unique climate. Meanwhile, these eight strains make an excellent starting point. So, whether you’re a seasoned cultivator seeking new strains to experiment with or a novice hobbyist looking to start your cannabis growing journey, these strains stand out as superior choices for outdoor cultivation in Arizona, promising a fruitful endeavor that can yield both personal satisfaction and top-grade cannabis.

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