Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review 

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review 

The Amsterdam Marijuana seeds are one of the best-selling seed banks located in Amsterdam. This online Marijuana selling website offers tons of varieties and selections of high-quality strains that are second to none. One major thing about Amsterdam Marijuana seeds is they can ship internationally, unlike their other competitors.

So, if you are new to the World of Cannabis, Sit back and relax as we’ll take a deeper dive to this very popular online seed bank!

Reputation and History of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds was established during the year 1993; since then, they are known to produce and sell some of the best quality strains worldwide. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, or commonly known as AMS, is considered one of the best seed banks when it comes to selling high-quality strains.

Also, AMS is popular for many reasons; one is the ship your marijuana seeds at a faster pace compared to others. They can ship worldwide as long as you can cover the cost of shipping. Not to mention, they can ship your seeds discreetly without the fear of getting attention from your neighbors and family!

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds were mostly is a result of a bunch of Marijuana smokers who had one thing in mind, produce and sell one of the best and topnotch qualities they can offer to Marijuana users. Through their hard work and dedication, it has grown to a full-blown online Seeds bank that easily spreads different kinds of high-quality cannabis strains all over the world.

This group of individuals believes that each people are deserving of Marijuana’s otherworldly benefits, from educational, recreational, and, more importantly, medical use!

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Seed Selection and Quality

When it goes down to selecting high-quality strain from this online seed bank, you are sure to be delighted with their varieties as they all cater to all the needs of people. From feminized, regular, Autoflowering, and Medicinal marijuana, you name it; they have it!

Written on their website, saying that the AMS seed bank is home to some of the highest quality of Marijuana you could ever find. At the same time, in their web site, they offer some features that include “hot items” wherein they have a featured popular strain. What’s good about this online seed bank is do not just sell Marijuana seeds but also cannabis-growing related products as well.

They have many positive reviews to show for due the high germination success rates and there and the overall success of the product being delivered. 

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is more than willing to cater to any questions and queries for their avid customers. With this, they have a specially made website for frequently asked questions or FAQs. The Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds can be easily contacted through their email provided by the website.

Due to their Frequently asked question website, it made a whole lot easier for people to just read some of their questions without even having to ask for a human representative. With this, the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has met with positive reviews thanks to this innovation.

Website Usability

Their website has tons of positive feedbacks to show for due to the ease of access, even for people who are inexperienced with computers and for beginners as well. All the things you need and want can be easily navigated through a single page. Also, there are provided links for certain products that make it a tad quicker for people looking for specific products.

Accessing the functionality of their website is awesome, built with high-quality images and graphics, a clear and formidable way on how to educate potential buyers on their various marijuana selections, a method wherein it will give you a well-informed decision as to what strains are best for you. 

They also have a key feature on their website that is called “Hot deals”. The website also has useful information where each option on marijuana, it has already indicated how many seeds are included in the pack. 

Another fascinating feature of their website is the ability to switch languages. Although the website’s language is set to English by default, you can easily change the language for a much clearer understanding. It can also vary the currency depending on your specific location.

Price and Payment Methods

With their price and payment methods, the Amsterdam Marijuana seeds have many payment options, from cash, credit card, SEPA/Bank, western union, as well as bitcoin. Both processing times may vary from time to time. However, the good thing about their website is payment methods are already indicated. You won’t have a harder time contacting customer support for other queries.

At the same time, each payment has featured discounts. Some of their payment options may include anonymity.

Shipping Range and Stealth Methods

One great thing about Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is they offer worldwide shipping. Customers are well-informed with tracking details to make sure that their customers won’t have anxiety monitoring their high-valued seeds. Shipment methods are relatively easy, and you don’t have anything else to worry about. At the same time, shipping periods depend on the schedule of the postal service and the local services as well.

Stealth methods aren’t offered because they pack their packages in a very private and discreet way. The packaging is as stealth as you would like, there wouldn’t be any suspicions with regards to your marijuana seeds.


Overall, the company provides high-quality strains that are sure to give users some of the best days of their lives. They offer an option that guarantees users to provide marijuana seeds. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has been in the world of Cannabis for decades now, they are highly-respected and well-established seed banks that caters the need of marijuana users since the early 90s.

So, if you are looking for strains with high-quality genetics that can also ship worldwide, then Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is the seed bank you can go! Their ease of access through their website, their added feature of frequently asked questions website, and their very fast delivery have gained the trust of consumers. No wonder they are still standing strong up to this very day!

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