Afghan Goo Marijuana Strain Information & Review

Afghan Goo, affectionately dubbed “Afgooey,” is a powerful indica-dominant hybrid (70% indica / 30% sativa), born from the iconic Afghan #1 and Maui Haze strains. This unique variety offers both intense mental and physical effects, bolstered by its considerable THC content of 20-25% and a notably high CBD level of 6%. The high from Afghan Goo is both uplifting and deeply relaxing, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of therapeutic needs. Initially, users are greeted with a swift surge of euphoria that elevates the mood and kicks off a general sensation of happiness. This is closely followed by a relaxing body high that gradually deepens into a gentle sedation, perfect for easing aches, pains, and the stress of the day. Given its potent effects, Afghan Goo is a go-to strain for conditions such as ADD/ADHD, chronic pain, depression, appetite loss, and migraines. Visually, Afghan Goo impresses with its minty green, spade-shaped nugs adorned with light amber hairs and a frosting of crystal trichomes, exuding a rich, nutty pine flavor reminiscent of herb tea. The scent complements this with sweet, fruity hash notes accented by fresh pine, making every aspect of Afghan Goo as inviting as it is effective.

Afgan Goo Marijuana Strain Effects & Flavors


Afgan Goo provides a blissful assortment of effects that can lighten even the heaviest of hearts:

  • Euphoria: Floods the mind with a blissful contentment, lifting spirits to new heights.
  • Giggly: A joyous companion for social gatherings, it coaxes out laughter and light-heartedness.
  • Happy: Inspires a deep-seated happiness that radiates from within, chasing away the blues.
  • Relaxing: Undoes the knots of stress and tension with the finesse of a skilled masseur.
  • Sleepy: Beckons towards the realms of dreams, easing the transition into a peaceful slumber.

May Relieve

With its notable potential for relief, Afgan Goo is a beacon of hope for many:

  • ADD/ADHD: Heightens focus, allowing those with attention disorders a moment of clarity.
  • Chronic Pain: Alleviates chronic pain with its potent analgesic properties, offering a respite from discomfort.
  • Depression: Parts the curtains of depression, ushering in a more optimistic state of mind.
  • Loss of Appetite: Stimulates the appetite, making food more appealing and meals more satisfying.
  • Migraines: Diminishes the excruciating effects of migraines, providing much-needed relief.


Indulge in the rich tapestry of Afgan Goo’s flavors that warm the palate and comfort the soul:

  • Nutty: A subtle whisper of earthy nuts blends seamlessly into the strain’s complex profile.
  • Pine: A refreshing forest-like freshness reminiscent of a stroll through a coniferous woodland.
  • Tea: A soothing touch that evokes the calming essence of herbal brews.
  • Woody: Anchoring the flavor palette with its stable and grounding presence.


The aromatic journey of Afgan Goo is as delightful as it is diverse:

  • Fruity: Surprises the nose with a burst of sweet fruitiness, reminiscent of an orchard in bloom.
  • Hash: Delivers the quintessential cannabis scent rich with the tradition of hashish.
  • Pine: Conjures the crisp scent of pine needles, transporting one to serene, untouched forests.
  • Sweet: Like a final caress, it leaves a sugary trail that lingers and soothes the senses.

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