Affie Taffie Marijuana Strain Information & Review

Affie Taffie is an indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain combining 70% indica and 30% sativa, born from the genetics of 91 Affie and Agent Orange strains. Known for its soothing effects and average THC levels ranging between 15% and 20%, with up to 3% CBD, this strain promises a chill evening with its body-locking relaxation that starts as a pleasant tingle and intensifies to full-body bliss. Users typically experience a boost in happiness and creativity, making social interactions more enjoyable. Affie Taffie is favored for its bright flavor profile of sweet and sour citrus, finished with a peppery kick, and is endorsed for treating issues like depression, muscle spasms, and appetite loss. Its diverse terpene profile exudes an aroma of earthy, spicy, and orange notes making it as pleasant to smell as it is to consume. With its standout orange flavor and profound relaxing qualities, Affie Taffie is a stellar choice for winding down.

Affie Taffie Marijuana Strain Effects & Flavors


Affie Taffie is widely celebrated for its diverse range of effects, ensuring a comprehensive experience that caters to the needs of its users:

  • Body High: Wraps your body in a comforting embrace, easing muscles and soothing tension.
  • Creative: Opens the floodgates of imagination, turning thoughts into colorful bursts of innovation.
  • Euphoria: Transports the user to a state of bliss, where happiness reigns supreme.
  • Happy: Infuses the mind with positive vibes, making every moment sparkle with joy.
  • Hungry: Stimulates appetite, making food not just a necessity, but a pleasure.
  • Tingly: Sparks a delightful tingling sensation that dances across the skin, adding a physical dimension to the high.
  • Uplifting: Acts as a mental elevator, lifting spirits to new heights with radiant energy.

May Relieve

Affie Taffie has shown promise in providing relief for various conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Anorexia & Appetite Loss: Revitalizes the joy of eating, encouraging a healthy appetite.
  • Cramps: Offers a soothing remedy for discomfort, easing the pains that can cloud one’s day.
  • Depression: Sheds light on darker days, offering a beacon of hope and a dose of happiness.
  • Muscle Spasms: Calms erratic muscles, bringing relief to those who endure this distress.
  • Nausea: Sets a serene stomach, making wellness not just a wish but a reality.


Delight in the intricate blend of flavors that make Affie Taffie a true gourmet strain:

  • Citrus & Orange: A burst of vibrant citrus that tingles the taste buds, evoking sunny orchards.
  • Skunky: A nod to its cannabis heritage, adding depth with its robust aroma.
  • Sour & Spicy: A tantalizing tango of zest and zing, invigorating the senses.
  • Sweet: Softens the experience, draping it in a comforting, familiar sweetness.


The aromatic journey of Affie Taffie is as enriching as its effects, composed of:

  • Earthy & Herbal: Grounding notes that reconnect you with nature, promoting peace and tranquility.
  • Orange: Refreshes the senses with its juicy, vibrant essence.
  • Peppery & Skunky: A spicy kick intertwined with traditional cannabis aroma, invigorating and bold.
  • Spicy: Adds warmth and complexity, inviting deeper inhalations and exploration.

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