Ace of Haze Marijuana Strain Information & Review

Ace of Haze is a rare sativa-dominant hybrid, thought to be a mix of Ace of Spades and Haze lineage, possibly Super Silver Haze because of how it looks. With a 19-21% average THC level, it offers a potent pick-me-up, perfectly suited to kick away tiredness, headaches or low mood. It’s an instantly uplifting strain that fills you with joy and social energy, before lightly blanketing you with a sense of relaxation. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you’ll feel lethargic or spaced out, it’s more like an all-around calm keeps you company while your mind stays lively. The buds are a bright, neon green covered in fiery orange hairs, giving them a dazzling frosty appearance. As for the flavor and aroma, you’re in for a treat. Expect refreshing hits of sweet woodiness and bright citrus when you inhale, while the aroma carries mainly earthy pine notes with an additional, inviting layer of sweet fruitiness. If you’re looking for something that’s both cheerful and chill, Ace of Haze could be just the ticket.

Ace of Haze Marijuana Strain Effects & Flavors


  • Euphoria: Infuses a wave of euphoria that dissipates negativity, leaving users with an air of bliss.
  • Happy: Ushers in a mood-enhancing throes of happiness to light up moments.
  • Relaxing: Engulfs users in a placid calm, providing respite from the frenetic pace of life.
  • Sociable: Promotes a sociable ambiance, acting as a perfect catalyst for stimulating conversations.
  • Uplifting: Lifts spirits, banishes low moods, thereby infusing an invigorating energy.

May Relieve

  • Depression & Fatigue: Provides relief from mental weariness and physical fatigue, rejuvenating the body and mind.
  • Headaches & Migraines: Thanks to its soothing properties, it’s potentially effective at relieving headaches and migraines.


  • Citrus: Carries a tangy punch that refreshes the palate with every puff.
  • Sweet: Unveils a sweetness that tames the tartness of the citrus, balancing the flavor profile.
  • Woody: A subtle yet robust woody flavor rounds off the taste, providing an earthy finish.


  • Earthy & Fruity: Combines the robustness of earth with an invigorating mix of fruity notes for a fascinating olfactory beginning.
  • Pine: Concludes the aromatic journey with the timeless, comforting scent of pine, grounding the experience.

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