ACCORN SNOWBUD Marijuana Strain Information & Review

Accorn Snowbud, sometimes called “Akorn” or “Snowbud,” is a half-and-half mix of indica and sativa that came from crossing an Afghan strain with a mystery one from South Africa. It’s pretty strong, with THC levels around 25-26%, and it can really lift your mood while relaxing your body. It starts off slow, making you feel super happy and creative without making you feel lazy or weighed down. People who need help with stress, headaches, or pain often find it useful. The plant itself is green with orange bits and smells and tastes a bit like sweet spices, skunk, and sour candy.

ACCORN SNOWBUD Marijuana Strain Effects & Flavors


  • Euphoria: Instigates feelings of extreme elation and a sense of well-being.
  • Happiness: Promotes a consistent state of content and joy.
  • Relaxation: Provides a calming sensation, helping to unwind and loosen up.
  • Uplifting: Stimulates positivity, boosting the mood and promoting mental lightness.

May Help With

  • Chronic Pain: Its soothing effects may provide relief from persistent pain.
  • Headaches: Could potentially minimize the discomfort associated with headaches, reducing their intensity.
  • Stress: Given its calming attributes, it can aid in stress management, yielding significant relief.


  • Skunky: Offers a strong, pungent tone that’s characteristic of this strain.
  • Sour: Adds a sharp, tangy layer to the strain’s flavor profile.
  • Sugary: Imparts a sweet undertone, serving as an appealing contrast to the skunky and sour tastes.
  • Sweet: Enhances the overall flavor experience, making it pleasantly balanced.
  • Vanilla: Leaves a mild, creamy aftertaste that rounds up the flavor composition.


  • Chemical: Contributes a distinct scent, adding to the strain’s unique aromatic blend.
  • Skunky: Complements the flavor, giving off a pungent smell that’s easily recognizable.
  • Woody: Introduces an earthy aroma, grounding the entire olfactory experience.

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