Acai Mints Marijuana Strain Information & Review

Acai Mints, alternately known by enthusiasts as “Acai Mint” or “Acai Mintz,” presents itself as a masterfully balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa), born from a cross between the dynamic Acai Gelato and the robust Kush Mints #11 strains. This strain stands out for its powerful potency, and its flavor profile doesn’t disappoint, offering a delightful fusion of frosty mint, sweet and fruity acai, and a tang of citrusy lemons. The aroma follows closely, enhancing the experience with spicy kush and fresh, earthy herbs. The Acai Mints experience is multifaceted: it initiates with a vibrant cerebral jolt, creating a canvas of stimulation that gently eases into a profoundly calming state. The high kindles a tingly mental buzz that’s invigorating yet numbing, often leading to a merry and giggly demeanor followed by a deep, stone-like sedation. Thanks to its significant THC levels ranging from 25% to 30%, Acai Mints excels in alleviating symptoms of chronic stress, depression, headaches, migraines, and insomnia. Visually, the strain is just as appealing, with fluffy, oversized, heart-shaped nugs colored in shades of forest green, surrounded by deep green leaves, thin dark amber hairs, and adorned with chunky, golden-amber crystal trichomes.

Acai Mints Marijuana Strain effects & Flavors


  • Calming: Promotes a sense of peace and calm throughout the body and mind.
  • Giggly: May induce a cheerful state that triggers laughter and amusement.
  • Happy: Elevates the mood, leading to feelings of joy and contentment.
  • Relaxing: Assists in reducing physical and mental tension.
  • Sleepy: Encourages a state of drowsiness, which can be beneficial for those with sleep issues.
  • Tingly: Can cause a tingling sensation that might contribute to relaxation and pain relief.

May Help With

  • Depression: The happy and uplifting effects may alleviate some symptoms of depression.
  • Headaches: Potential pain-relieving properties could ease headache discomfort.
  • Insomnia: The sleepy effects may help those struggling to achieve a restful night’s sleep.
  • Migraines: Could provide relief for migraine sufferers due to its calming and pain-relieving effects.
  • Stress: The strain’s ability to relax and calm may significantly reduce stress levels.


  • Berry: A noticeable berry taste that’s both sweet and tart.
  • Cherry: A specific stone-fruit flavor that adds a sweet and tangy dimension.
  • Citrus: Zesty and refreshing, providing a tangy kick.
  • Fruity: Encompasses a broad spectrum of sweet, natural fruit flavors.
  • Mint: Adds a cool and refreshing undertone that contrasts with the sweetness.
  • Sour: Brings a sharp taste that adds an edge to the overall flavor profile.
  • Sweet: A general sweetness that balances and melds the other flavors together.


  • Berry: Sweet and tangy, reinforcing the berry flavor component.
  • Citrus: A fresh and zesty scent that brightens the overall aroma.
  • Earthy: Grounding scent that adds a backdrop to the sweet and sour notes.
  • Herbal: Green and natural, suggesting a freshly picked quality.
  • Kush: A characteristic scent with a hint of spice and pine that’s typical in Kush varieties.
  • Mint: Cooling and sharp, providing a crisp aromatic twist.
  • Sour: Adds a pungent layer that pairs well with the sweet and earthy scents.

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