Abeddon Marijuana Strain Information & Review

Abeddon Marijuana Strain

Abeddon presents itself as a beautifully balanced hybrid (50% Indica / 50% Sativa), shrouded in mystery due to its unknown parentage. This strain offers a rare composition with 8-10% THC and 14% CBD, making it an exemplary selection for individuals seeking therapeutic benefits without intense psychoactive effects. The experience with Abeddon is gentle yet profoundly uplifting, beginning with a sense of happiness that envelops you without leading to the overwhelming “stoned” feeling often associated with higher THC strains. As the effects progress, a soothing calm spreads throughout the body, melting away aches, pains, and tensions, ideal for those grappling with chronic stress, anxiety, inflammation, PTSD, and chronic pain. Flavor-wise, Abeddon dances gracefully between a sweet, flowery herbal palette and an earthy, nutty aftertaste. Meanwhile, its aroma is comparable, a soft blend of spicy herbs and fresh earth balanced by the delicate notes of floral tea. The visual appeal is not lost with its large, fluffy, forest green nugs adorned with amber undertones, a sprinkling of fiery orange hairs, and a sparkling coat of frosty, amber-speckled trichomes, offering an invitation to tranquility and relief wrapped in nature’s finery.

Abeddon Marijuana Strain effects & Flavors

Effects: The Abeddon experience is a symphony of serenity, guiding the user through a landscape of inner peace and outward smiles. It’s like a gentle wave of calmness washing over you, enveloping you in a cocoon of contentment.

May Help With: This strain is a key that unlocks the shackles of various ailments. Those grappling with the harsh grip of Anxiety, the constant nagging of Chronic Pain, the silent scream of Inflammation, the haunting shadows of PTSD, or the crushing weight of Stress may find a solace with Abeddon, a compassionate ally in their battle for balance and wellbeing.

Flavors: Abeddon greets the palate with a Flowery kiss, woven together with Herbal whispers. A Nutty richness meanders through the senses, while a Spicy tickle lingers teasingly. This is all wrapped in a Sweet embrace, reminiscent of nature’s candor, ending in a Woody finish that roots the experience in the familiar comfort of the earth.

Aromas: Inhaling the aura of Abeddon is akin to wandering through an enchanted forest. The Earthy foundation sets the stage for a bouquet of Flowery notes that float through the air. Nutty fragrances weave in and out, as Spicy accents punctuate the aromatic journey. The finish is decisively Woody, a fitting capstone to this olfactory adventure.

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