Abacus Marijuana Strain Information & Review

Abacus Marijuana Strain

Abacus strain, an exquisitely balanced hybrid that upholds an equal composition of 50% indica and 50% sativa. With an ancestry that includes the robust OG Kush and Purple Urkel strains, Abacus establishes itself as a unique player in the field of medicinal marijuana. Its distinct CBD-rich profile, measuring an impressive 15%, with a minimal THC content of 0-1%, lays the ground for a perfectly mellow, non-psychoactive high—one that invites you to unwind, pain-free and carefree. With Abacus, expect the journey to unfold gently, starting with a boost of happiness that furthers mental relief, proceeding to a corporeal relaxation that dissolves any physical discomfort. The strain lends itself to treating a range of conditions, whether it be inflammation, chronic pain, arthritis, muscle spasms, cramps, or anxiety, making Abacus a versatile darling in the medical community. Taste-wise, your palate will delight in hints of flowery spice and berry, with an undercurrent of fresh grapes. Meanwhile, its aroma dances an earthy dance, infused with notes of berries and grape, rounded off with a whisper of herbs and spice. The beauty of the Abacus strains extends to its very buds—dusty green grape-shaped nugs crowned with dark olive green hairs, veiled by a layer of luminous white crystal trichomes.

Abacus Marijuana Strain effects & Flavors

Effects: Abacus encapsulates an experience of profound tranquility, inviting a body high that radiates calming vibes, uplifting spirits, and fostering happiness that gently carries you to a place of peace. The relaxing undercurrent of its essence doesn’t simply skin the surface but weaves into your very fabric, ensuring a tranquil escape from life’s turbulence.

May Help With: This strain stands as a sentinel against the challenges of Anxiety, Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Cramps, Inflammation, and Muscle Spasms. For individuals navigating the stormy waters of such conditions, Abacus offers a lifeline, promising relief and a soothing presence that blankets you in comfort and ease.

Flavors: Surrender to the embrace of Abacus’ flavors, where Berry meets Grape in a dance of sweetness, peppered with hints of fruitiness that awaken the senses. Each puff is a journey through a garden of delight, with a peppery twist and a sweet finish that invites you to indulge further, exploring the depth of its flavor palette.

Aromas: The aromatic signature of Abacus is a tapestry rich with Berry, Earthy, and Herbal notes, woven together with threads of Fruity, Grape, and Spicy fragrances. This bouquet of scents creates a captivating atmosphere that ensnares the olfactory system, ushering in a session marked by introspection and a profound sense of grounding.

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