ZeitGeist Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Zeitgeist is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a 70% indica and 30% sativa split, born from the union of Sour Amnesia and Purple Pantera strains. It is named after the philosophical concept of “the spirit of the age”, perfectly reflecting its inclination to mirror the essence of indica characteristics. The strain is particularly known for its extended, dreamy effects, ideal for unwinding and mental escape during stressful times.

Flavor Profile

  • Primary Flavors: A vibrant fusion of sweet and sour lemony citrus.
  • Subtle Notes: Undertones of grape add a dimension of fruity richness to the overall flavor profile.


  • Primary Aroma: A gutsy citrus burst, matched with the depth of woodsy notes.
  • Secondary Layers: Intertwining with the dominant refreshing scents are hints of fruity grape and a discernible sour edge.


  • Onset: Zeitgeist invites a gradual ascension of effects, infiltrating the mind before washing over the body.
  • Mental Influence: A sneaky surge of happiness introduces a faint tingle that burgeons into an expansive euphoria characterized by a comfortable, unfocused haze.
  • Physical Relaxation: As the cerebral effects waft in and out, a thorough calm envelops the body, leading to a mild couch lock which still allows mobility when required.

Potential Medical Applications

Given its potency and reported benefits, Zeitgeist is advocated for a variety of therapeutic purposes:

  • Mental Health Support: May aid those contending with chronic stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Physical Ailment Relief: Could provide relief for chronic pain, headaches, and migraines.
  • Sleep and Digestive Aid: Has potential to help those suffering from insomnia, nausea, or appetite loss.


  • THC Content: Zeitgeist touts a robust average THC content above 19%.
  • CBD Content: CBD levels are not prominently featured, highlighting the THC-dominant nature of the strain.

Physical Characteristics

  • Appearance: This strain has oversized, tapered, bright neon green nugs.
  • Accentuations: Vivid orange hairs weave throughout the flower, enhancing its allure.
  • Trichomes: Each nug is layered with a lavish coating of tiny, golden-amber crystal trichomes signifying resilience and potency.


By capturing the true spirit of an indica, Zeitgeist serves as the epitome of relaxation and mental release, providing users with therapeutic relief and a taste of philosophical tranquility. Its complexity in flavor and aroma, paired with the significant body and cerebral highs, makes Zeitgeist an ideal strain for those looking to alleviate an array of symptoms or simply seeking to dissolve the day’s stress in a cloud of uplifting smoke.

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