Zambian Copper Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Zambian Copper, a 100% pure sativa strain, is a rare gem derived from undisclosed sativa strains. Its availability is highly limited, often seen only in the Middle East and parts of Colorado. However, its rarity only adds to its allure, with breeders praising the plant for its robust structure and energizing high.

Flavor Profile

  • Primary Flavors: The strain’s most prominent flavors are an earthy, skunky blend highlighted by a fragrant note of pine, creating a comforting sensation with each toke.
  • Complex Notes: As you continue to draw, the flavor intensifies, revealing a slightly sweeter undertone.


  • Initial Scent: Breaking apart each nugget frees a powerful burst of skunky aromas, underscored by a spicy, peppery overtone.
  • Subtle Hints: Fresh earth scents make a subtle appearance, creating a balanced, intriguing aroma that is sure to appeal.


  • Immediate Impact: Ideal for wake-and-bake sessions, Zambian Copper brings an energetic blast that rouses your senses, quickly making you active and alert.
  • Physical State: Despite the invigorating high, you’ll experience a sense of bodily relaxation — with a touch of arousing effects.
  • Mental State: This high also stimulates your creativity, brings euphoria, relaxation, and uplifts your spirits, perfect for kick-starting a sluggish day.

Potential Medical Applications

Zambian Copper, with its energetic and uplifting qualities, may offer relief for conditions like:

  • Mood Swings: Its euphoric nature could help to steady emotional fluctuations.
  • Chronic Pain: The relaxing effects could potentially alleviate pain.
  • Depression: The elevation of mood might offer potential reprieve.
  • Chronic Stress: Uplifting effects can help reduce stress levels.


  • THC Content: Approximately 16-22%, depending on the growth conditions and harvest time.

Physical Characteristics

  • Appearance: The strain boasts neon green nuggets, incredibly dense and heavy.
  • Accentuations: Copper undertones and vivid red hairs enhance the overall appeal.
  • Trichomes: The nugs are coated with a thick layer of vivid white crystal trichomes, exuding a sweet, syrupy resin.


With its bright flavor profile, highly stimulating effects, and an intriguingly alluring look, Zambian Copper unquestionably justifies its rarity and popularity among breeders. Perfect for enthusiasts seeking an energetic, mood-lifting strain, Zambian Copper will inject not just a sparkle, but an entire copper mine into your day.

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