Z7 Marijuana Strain Review & Information

Strain Genetics: Cannatonic X Mr. Nice

Type: Slightly Indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa)

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Z7, colloquially known as “Z7 CBD” or “Z7 CBD Crew,” is admired both among breeders and users for its high CBD concentration and soothing properties, making it a favorable choice for hybrid enthusiasts.

Boasting a low THC level, the Z7 high is considerably tranquil, featuring effects that comfort rather than exhilarate or cause a potent high. A few minutes post-exhale, you’ll experience a subtle uplift in your mood, softly dispersing throughout your mind and beckoning a calming state of happiness. As your mind relaxes, a calming body high begins to flood into your limbs, encouraging an absolute state of relaxation void of physical sedation. To round off the high, a buoyant sleepiness can potentially assist you in winding down and drifting to sleep if you so choose.

In light of this and its notably low 0-3% THC level and quite high 13-18% average CBD level, Z7 is often the strain of choice to alleviate conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, chronic stress or anxiety, PTSD, and seizures or epilepsy.

Flavor wise, Z7 is a delightful blend. It carries a sweet and exotic tropical mango flavor, touched with a hint of refreshing lemon-lime exhale. On the olfactory end, it presents a sweet and fruity aroma, accessorized with a hint of fresh flowery lavender, tangy lemon-lime, and enticing mango.

In terms of its appearance, Z7 buds take a long, spade-shaped with a robust minty green hue. The buds feature copious thin orange hairs and are encompassed by a coating of tiny, dazzling white crystal trichomes.

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