Z6 Marijuana Strain Review & Information

Strain Genetics: Resin Cannatonic X Mr. Nice Afghan X Skunk

Type: Indica dominant hybrid (75% indica/25% sativa)

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The Z6 strain, a rare hybrid, is renowned for its medicinal effects and remarkable blend of potent strains—Resin Cannatonic, Mr. Nice Afghan, and Skunk. This strain is primarily found in Seattle and Los Angeles markets.

Z6 is characterized by a pleasantly mellow high. Its effects instigate with a giddy euphoria that replaces your negativity with pure happiness, subsequently transforming your mood. As this buoyant feeling settles, a relaxing wave of calm cascades over you, making you feel at ease. What sets Z6 apart is that, despite its calming effect, it doesn’t prompt sedation; instead, it allows you to stay relaxed without impeding your mobility.

The THC content lies between a moderate 10-15%, while it offers an exceptional CBD level of 5-10%. Given these figures, Z6 makes for a perfect medicinal strain for treating afflictions such as chronic stress or anxiety, depression, loss of appetite or nausea, inflammation, and chronic pain.

The Z6 flavor palette is intriguing, boasting a sour citrusy flavor with undertones of earthy skunk that are more prominent upon exhale. Its aroma mirrors its flavor, presenting an earthy and pungent nose with a strong skunky overtone that progressively develops into a sour, citrusy scent as the nugs are burned.

Visual appeal is not left out—the glance of Z6 buds is striking. These buds are small, dense, arrowhead-shaped, and feature dark olive green hues with purple undertones. The buds are intercepted by bright orange hairs and graciously sprinkled with a coat of dark, purple-tinged, frosty crystal trichomes.

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