Yumberry Marijuana Strain Review & Info

With a name evoking delight and indulgence, Yumberry stands amongst the captivating strains that offer a well-rounded and flavorful experience. It is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa), emerging from the crossbreeding of DJ Short Blueberry and Durban Poison strains. Despite some debates regarding its lineage, Yumberry’s distinctive flavor profile and balanced effects make it highly sought-after.

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Origins and Genetics

The creation of Yumberry, also known as “Blueberry Yum Yum”, owes its superior genetics to the blend of DJ Short Blueberry and Durban Poison strains. Some users associate this bud with a cross of Blue Dream and Durban Poison, which hints at the intensity and allure Yumberry possesses in its DNA.

Flavor and Aromas

Yumberry quickly affirms its name through its delightful flavors and aromas. It greets your taste buds with a sweet blueberry flavor, complexly layered with splashes of mint and pine, creating a harmonious symphony of tastes.

The aroma complements the taste, featuring earthy pine notes accented by fresh blueberries and sweet mint, offering an olfactory experience that is both delectable and invigorating.


A defining feature of Yumberry lies in its well-balanced high. The strain initiates an energetic effect that might stimulate hunger in users–a beneficial effect for those needing a late-day energy boost while still being able to wind down for sleep.

The initial hit greets users with potential euphoria paired with a slight influx of energy, devoid of overpowering undertones. These effects, in combination with a respectable THC level of 17-19%, make Yumberry a potential choice for managing chronic fatigue, pain, migraines or headaches, and appetite loss.

Therapeutic Use

Yumberry might come with a variety of potential therapeutic uses. Due to its potential energy-infusing properties, this strain could aid in combating chronic fatigue and maintaining an active lifestyle. Additionally, its potential pain-alleviating properties might offer relief from migraines, headaches, and other chronic pain conditions.

Notably, with its hunger-inducing effect, Yumberry might serve as a beneficial aid for those struggling with appetite loss.


Yumberry stands out visually with small and fragmented light green nugs surrounded by dark amber hairs; the appeal is further highlighted by a flourish of bright white crystal trichomes. The strain’s lively appearance is a testament to its vibrant flavors and effects.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, Yumberry is a strain that lives up to its name. Encompassing a symphony of delightful flavors, uplifting effects, and potential therapeutic benefits, this strain offers a comprehensive cannabis experience. The balance of its influences makes Yumberry a superb choice for cannabis users seeking both pleasure and function in their strain choice.

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