Yuck Mouth Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Don’t let the unusual name deter you—Yuck Mouth is a flavorful and intriguing blend well worth exploring. An indica dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa), Yuck Mouth was created through the fusion of GMO Cookies and Do-Si-Dos strains. This charismatic strain surprises users with an interesting combination of tasty flavors and ardent effects, making it a compelling choice for cannabis connoisseurs.

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Origins and Genetics

Yuck Mouth owes its unique character to the powerful lineage resulting from the crossbreeding of the GMO Cookies and Do-Si-Dos strains. Brimming with all the winning qualities of its parent strains, Yuck Mouth stands out as a superb hybrid, majorly leaning towards indica.

Flavor and Aromas

This winsome strain delights with a palate of diverse flavors. Despite its offbeat name, Yuck Mouth does not disappoint in the flavor department. With a tantalizing taste that combines creamy peanut butter and hints of spicy diesel, it offers a unique, mouthwatering blend that is hard to resist. The aroma complements the enchanting flavor, infusing a nutty creaminess with elements of spicy earth and peppery diesel.


Moments after your last puff, Yuck Mouth’s high strikes, infusing your brain with a surge of uplifting cerebral effects. The high is characterized by a state of elation, potentially allowing an increased level of focus that considerably supports creative ventures or social interactions.

Accompanied by this cerebral stimulation is a calmness that pervades your body, keeping you relaxed but not affecting your energy level. With an impressive average THC content ranging between 24-25%, Yuck Mouth might be the strain of choice for managing cramps, muscle spasms, chronic stress, hypertension, ADD/ADHD symptoms, chronic pain, and fatigue.

Therapeutic Use

Besides its pleasurable effects, Yuck Mouth might have several potential therapeutic benefits as well. It might help alleviate symptoms of ADD/ADHD and conditions that cause hypertension. Its calming effect might extend to relief from muscle cramps and spasms, and its soothing properties could potentially ease chronic pain and fatigue.


Aesthetically, Yuck Mouth comes with small rounded emerald green buds hugged by thin yellow-orange hairs. Highlighting its vibrant look, a layer of chunky amber crystal trichomes garnishes its nuggets, further enhancing its appeal.

Final Thoughts

In essence, Yuck Mouth is a tantalizing strain with an array of attractive attributes. Its unique flavors and aromas, coupled with potentially beneficial effects, make it a strain worth exploring, contrary to what its name might suggest.

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