Yogi Berry Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Embark on an exciting journey of relaxation and satisfaction with the Yogi Berry marijuana strain. Also known as “Yogi Berries,” this indica-dominant hybrid strain is a delightful creation from crossing the flavorful Mendo Berries and Lime OG strains. For anyone fond of indica strains, Yogi Berry offers a uniquely relaxing high, characterized by upliftment and tranquility.

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Origins and Genetics

Yogi Berry is a creatively crafted Indica-dominant hybrid resulting from a compelling crossing of the beloved Mendo Berries and Lime OG strains. It offers its fans an engaging high marked by relaxation, euphoria, and certain contentment.

Flavor and Aromas

Showcasing an intriguing mix, Yogi Berry offers a delightful sour lemon-lime flavor with a fruity berry aftertaste. Its aroma takes an earthy bent, enriching the experience with a sour edge accentuated by a refreshing kick of lemon and lime.


Yogi Berry’s effects are characterized by a euphoric onset that may leave you somewhat unfocused yet utterly uplifted. Following this, a calming body high gently takes hold, providing deep feelings of relaxation that can often lead to increased hunger.

These enduring effects, combined with a THC level exceeding 20%, make Yogi Berry a promising choice for those seeking relief from chronic stress, depression, appetite loss, nausea, headaches, and migraines.

Therapeutic Use

Given its uplifting and calming characteristics, Yogi Berry has potential benefits for those grappling with certain conditions. These include relieving symptoms of depression, headaches, stress, and nausea, and it can also stoke the appetite.


The buds of Yogi Berry are small, airy, and rounded. Adorned with forest green coloring and purple undertones, these nugs are accented further by a delicate frosting of tiny, purple-tinged, white crystal trichomes.

Final Thoughts

With a combination of delightful flavors, refreshing aromas, a calming high, and potential therapeutic applications, Yogi Berry is a strain that promises a truly remarkable cannabis experience. Whether you’re looking to unwind or seeking relief from uncomfortable symptoms, Yogi Berry is a strain worth taking for a spin.

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