Yo Mama Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Experience a hard-hitting and relaxing high with the Yo Mama marijuana strain. Also known as “Yo Momma” and “Yomama,” this indica-dominant hybrid strain comes from the classic Afgooey and Appalachia strains crossbreed, promising an unforgettable escapade marked by potent effects and intoxicating flavors.

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Origins and Genetics

Yo Mama is an intriguing offspring of the traditional Afgooey and Appalachia strains. Its indica dominance ensures potent effects, providing consumers with a warm and intensified high that eventually leads to complete relaxation and even drowsiness.

Flavor and Aromas

Yo Mama is a delight for the senses with its sour citrus lemon flavor and the sweet vanilla and caramel apple notes upon exhale. Its aroma adds another dimension to its profile, with a similar citrusy lemon scent combined with a hint of spice.


The high from Yo Mama is unique. It begins gradually as a creeping sensation, gradually sneaking up before plungening you into a state of euphoric oblivion and unfocused bliss. As this sensation deepens, a warming tingle begins to envelop your limbs, leading to a profoundly calming couch-lock, rendering you immobile over time.

This warming sensation soon morphs into a heavy sedative effect, periodically causing you to doze off before finally surrendering to a deep sleep. Given these effects and its high THC level of 19-20%, Yo Mama is often touted for potential therapeutic benefits in treating chronic pain, depression, stress, arthritis, cramps, muscle spasms, and chronic fatigue.

Therapeutic Use

Yo Mama’s potent effects offer possible therapeutic advantages. Its relaxing and sedating properties may address several conditions, potentially relieving symptoms of arthritis, chronic pain, cramps, depression, and muscular spasms.


Yo Mama buds are distinctive with their light green, arrowhead shape, gilded undertones, and bright orange hairs. Adding to the aesthetic appeal is a robust coating of frosty white crystal trichomes dripping with sweet sticky resin.

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