Yellow Lion Rum Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Yellow Lion Rum, an indica dominant hybrid strain, is as mysterious as it is intriguing. Its lineage remains a secret due to the strategic discretion exercised by its breeders. What is undeniably unique about this strain, however, is that it derives its name from the unconventional curing method employed by the breeders.

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Innovative Infusion: The Rum-Related Curing Method

In the case of Yellow Lion Rum, the bud is actually cured inside an aged rum barrel. While this curious method of curing doesn’t alter the THC level or effects, it results in the bud being suffused with a spicy-sweet flavor and aroma that remarkably mimic those of rum.

Visual Aesthetics of Yellow Lion Rum

Yellow Lion Rum is typically procured in the form of a pre-rolled joint. Observant users who crack open the joint will find its anatomy to be chunky and dark, characterized by a sprinkle of amber hairs and a noticeable level of stickiness to its texture.

The High Derived from Yellow Lion Rum

The high acquired from Yellow Lion Rum is predominantly in sync with an average indica strain, fostering a happy and mildly sedated euphoria fuelled by an average THC level of around 18-19%.

The influence of this strain initially introduces a sense of calm that consumes your mind, then gradually permeates your body in relaxing waves, inducing profound relaxation. Simultaneously, your mind will embark on a euphoria-tinged journey, leaving you contented and fundamentally sedated.

The Therapeutic Benefits

Given these effects, Yellow Lion Rum is often the choice for patients plagued by conditions such as mood swings, muscle spasms, insomnia, and chronic pain.

Flavor and Aroma

The flavor palette of Yellow Lion Rum consists of dank, herbal, pine, and spicy notes. Correspondingly, its aroma echoes a dank and earthy base, laced with herbal, spicy, and woody undertones.

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