Y2K Marijuana Strain Review & Information

Y2K is a balanced hybrid strain with rising popularity, boasting a 50% indica and 50% sativa split. Its creation stems from crossing the robust Purple Urkle S1 and Planet Dosi strains. A celebrated member of Leafly’s “Strain of Summer 2022” list, Y2K is renowned for its incredibly high potency level and tranquilizing effects, sure to send you on a relaxing journey of tranquility and peace.

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Flavor & Aroma

The flavor of the Y2K strain is a delightful blend of sweet, fruity grape candy notes, perfectly balanced by a gentle creaminess upon exhale. Complementing its pleasing taste, its aroma is equally enticing. Featuring a creaminess mixed with fruity undertones, this strain establishes an environment of relaxation with the substantial diesel overtone that sticks around long after the last toke.

High and Effects

Y2K offers an extraordinary mix of cerebral and physical effects that will keep you in a state of tranquility for hours on end. With its onset, you’ll first experience a wave of content focus that crashes into your consciousness, imparting a laser-sharp clarity that unfortunately doesn’t linger long. Soon, this focus melts away and leaves you in a state of mental stone-like tranquility.

This shift is smoothly complemented by a sedative body high that runs deep in your physical form, ultimately immobilizing you before you drift off into slumber.

Medical Benefits

With a staggering THC level that averages between 30-34%, Y2K is frequently chosen to alleviate a range of medical conditions, including insomnia, loss of appetite or nausea, depression, and chronic stress or anxiety.

Given its powerful sedative effects and the ability to induce sleep, it’s an effective aid to those struggling with sleep disorders like insomnia. It also assists those suffering from anxiety and depression by offering the tranquility needed to escape their worries, if only for a moment.


Y2K strain exhibits a visually striking profile with dense heart-shaped emerald-green buds, sprinkled with deep-purple undertones. Thin orange hairs combined with tiny white crystal trichomes emphasize its entrancing aesthetics.


In summary, Y2K is an extraordinary strain that offers a delightful sensory experience accompanied by powerful effects suitable for relaxation and medical relief. Whether you seek a strain to uplift your mood or need a natural remedy to alleviate specific health conditions, Y2K could be an excellent addition to your cannabis list. As always, consultation with a cannabis professional is recommended if you’re considering Y2K for its therapeutic benefits due to diversity in individual responses.

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