Wonder Woman Cannabis Strain Review

Wonder Woman Cannabis Strain Review

Wonder Woman is a strain created by Sam the Skunkman. This is a highly potent combination of primarily Sativa genetics, starting with the White Widow strain selected as the mother. The father is an output of Skunk #1, Haze, and a landrace Thai combined with a pure Skunk #1 male. Out of this very interesting combination, Wonder Woman is formed. It is a strain that produces a very strong cerebral high which can elevate mood.  It is also known to produce flowers that are rich with cannabinoid-filled trichomes.

Distinct Qualities

Appearance-wise, Wonder Woman comes with a tight flowering arrangement, filled with sticky trichomes that are entrusted with nuggets that also sparkle in their balloon-like, visible structure. It is also a 60/40 hybrid, which shows a pure Indica appearance, meaning it can only hit about 2 to 3 feet at full maturity when it is cultivated in an indoor environment.

This strain is known for its highly breathtaking, and fuel-like aroma. It reeks of skunk and petrol, with an uncontrollable smell that is surely overpowering. Aside from its aroma, it also comes with a very distinct taste. Individuals equipped with a highly discerning palate will notice quickly some diesel fuel taste that is mixed with a citrus-like hint. After inhaling it, you will not taste anything but some lemon-flavored jet fuel. Exhaling it will allow you to experience overwhelming sensations brought about by the overall complexity of the hybrid Wonder Woman strain.

Wonder Woman is known for its high-class, superior strength. This simply means that if you are planning to smoke this strain, you may have to expect actual combat within the next two and a half hours since it has the capability to remove your stress. This is perfect if you want to expel your worries every day, with eyes becoming heavy, body going limp, and completely relaxed.

Information for Growers

The flowers of this strain are consistently sticky with resin. At the same time, it is also dense like that of a doorknob. Because of this, some growers even recommend using alcohol in rolling the plants. Since it is sticky, you may have to anticipate the buds leaving some gummy mess on your fingers.

For those who are looking for high THC levels content, this strain is highly recommended by different breeders for indoor cultivation. It is known to produce high yields under hydroponic systems, using the Sea of Green (SOG) technique. This strain may also be grown inside a greenhouse. With this kind of setup, harvesting is expected to come around late October, as well as early November.

In an indoor environment, growers can also expect to yield a massive amount of flowers, especially in Mediterranean climates, such as in California or Spain. However, it is quite susceptible to mold, which is common in warmer, humid climates. Just a note, this strain may not be the easiest to grow, as it has the tendency to grow really tall, which means that you may need a good amount of space.

Since it is expected to produce a higher than average yield, growers need to schedule around 10 weeks total of flowering time before harvesting. Another great technique employed by growers is pruning its top, and four other branches, staking them using the SOG setup with 16 plants per square meter. This can ultimately produce amazing yields of up to 700 grams per square meter by using 600 watts of light. Overall, this strain is considered a favorite among skilled growers because of its high yield.

Medical Qualities

As a medical marijuana strain, Wonder Woman is known to produce a strong cerebral high which is highly capable of elevating mood. As such, this is one of the strains that are highly recommended to provide treatment for certain medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, and stress. As a really serious super strain, it can also ferociously deal with sleep disorders, including insomnia. It also has the capability of fighting fatigue and daily stress.

Bottom Line

Wonder woman, as an all-female strain hybrid, is really strong, yet very seductive. It is also fast-growing with a pleasant and balanced high. However, the best part yet is the fact that it can give you an amazing harvest, which is more than half a kilo for every square meter.  With its award-winning parents that backed up its lineage, it turned into a really stable plant that produces amazing layers of trichomes, thus producing a fuel-like aroma and heavy stone.

As it does not branch a lot, it has become perfect for some confined gardens such as balconies, as well as a sea of green farming. In order to achieve the maximum THC levels, cultivating indoors is highly recommended. It also prefers hydroponics growing. With all of these features, no doubt Wonder Woman is a wonderful strain.

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