Why Is My New Cart Not Hitting

Why Is My New Cart Not Hitting? 10 Common Reasons

A new cartridge that refuses to hit can be a tremendous source of frustration for both beginners and experienced vapers alike. With an array of potential causes, understanding these underlying issues is essential to avoid disappointments and optimize your vaping experience. Here are ten common reasons why your new vape cartridge might not be hitting.

1. Incompatibility with Your Battery

A prevalent reason your new cart might not be hitting is an incompatibility between your cartridge and battery. With numerous different battery and cartridge brands available, compatibility can sometimes be overlooked. ExtractosEum, for example, designs their vape products to work together seamlessly with compatible batteries. So, to make sure you have the optimal vaping experience, always cross-check compatibility before investing in a new cartridge or battery.

2. Empty Cartridge

Another potential reason your new cart is not hitting is as simple as an empty cartridge. On rare occasions, a producer error could result in a cartridge without oil. Sometimes, cartridges might appear full when they don’t contain enough oil to provide decent hits. Always make sure your cartridge contains the appropriate amount of e-liquid to ensure smooth functioning.

3. Dead or Undercharged Battery

A dead or undercharged battery could also prevent your new cartridge from hitting properly. Always make sure to keep your vape pen’s battery fully charged to guarantee consistent usage and enhance the device’s lifespan.

4. Loose Connections

An ineffective connection between your battery and cartridge could be hindering your device from functioning optimally. Double-check that you have correctly connected your cartridge and battery by screwing them together firmly, without over-tightening.

5. Blocked Airflow

Airflow is crucial for obtaining the ideal hit from your vaping device. Blocked airflow due to debris or over-tightened components could lead to weak or non-existent hits. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your device can help avoid these issues.

6. Faulty or Burnt Coil

A faulty or burnt coil could be one of those less obvious reasons preventing your cartridge from hitting. Over time, coils can become damaged due to overuse or mishandling, which impairs their ability to heat your e-liquid. Investing in a high-quality coil reduces the chances of encountering such issues.

7. Insufficient Priming

Before diving into a vaping session, it’s crucial to prime your coil correctly. Priming entails filling the tank and waiting a few minutes to enable the e-liquid to soak the wicks fully. Skipping this step could lead to subpar hits and unsatisfactory vaping experiences.

8. Counterfeit or Low-Quality Cartridges

Counterfeit cartridges usually consist of low-quality materials and do not undergo strict quality control, increasing the likelihood of underperformance or malfunctions. To circumvent this, purchase cartridges from reputable sources which boast a wide range of high-quality, well-maintained vaping products.

9. Improper Technique

Sometimes, the issue lies with the user’s technique rather than the device. An incorrect inhaling method might obstruct you from achieving a fulfilling hit from your cartridge. Slower, more deliberate inhales generally yield better results than shallow, quick ones.

10. Manufacturing Defects

In rare instances, your cartridge might have a manufacturing defect. Although such issues are uncommon, they can sometimes occur even under vigilant quality checks. If you suspect your cartridge has a defect, reach out to the manufacturer or your retailer for further assistance.


Conquering the complexities of your vaping device is essential to maximize your enjoyment and minimize disappointments. When using ExtractosEum’s thoughtfully designed and reliable vaping products, you can eliminate many of these common cartridge issues. Should you still encounter problems with your cart after exploring these ten common reasons, consider consulting the manufacturer or returning the faulty product. Happy vaping!

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