White Widow Cannabis Strain Review

White Widow Cannabis Strain Review

White Widow is a 60/40 Sativa dominant hybrid strain. It was among the strains which were mentioned frequently on the show Weeds. It also served as lyrical inspiration for several rap artists. This strain entered the picture first back in 1995, immediately receiving Cannabis Cup awards.  Unlike other cannabis strains which almost have unknown lineages, White Widow is well documented. As a matter of fact, it has been developed by the famous breeder in Amsterdam, Shantibaba. Its accolade, together with its reputation of being the strain with the highest THC content level at that time, sealed its reputation as the ‘cream of the crop’ among strains for quite some time, still keeping its popularity down to this day.

Distinct Qualities

One of the main reasons why this strain is just so popular is that it is actually not an entirely Sativa strain. A pure Sativa strain with this level of THC content would be perfect for special uses. As such, you can expect that it is easy to smoke too much and you will already start feeling paranoid and anxious. However, this is not the case with White Widow. It comes with enough balance that can keep you happy and grounded, so long as you only consume enough amount of it.

As suggested by its name, White Widow is completely covered with resin and crystals, making the buds appear like they have been dipped completely in sugar. It also gives off a pungent and strong smell, with undertones of pine and pepper. Just one look at it and you will immediately notice that it is very sticky with a lime green color. Aside from its white trichomes, you can also notice its fire-red hair that reaches up to the sky. There are also certain areas that are dark-spotted.

When it comes to smell, White Widow gives off some pepper scent, sprinkled on top of some oranges. This spicy and peppery combination also comes with some hints of fruits that have fallen off the actual trees. Also, one of the best descriptions of its taste is that it gives off that clean taste. You may not be able to notice it right away during the inhale, but you can definitely enjoy it’s after taste of lemon pepper on the exhale.

Information for Growers

In growing White Widow strain, the yields may vary depending on the breeder. Some claim that they have harvested up to 800 g/m2, while others report a modest 300-400 g/m2. With this strain, you do not have to worry about achieving just a smaller yield, since the buds can turn out to be really powerful that you only need a few of them in order to reach a great effect. In fact, some growers only cultivate about 3 plants every year in order to support their personal stock since the smoke can give a hard hit.

Medical Qualities

You may also have to expect that this strain may give you some side effects, which often include dehydration. However, it also works wonders in several other ways, including insights, euphoria, as well as creativity. With this, it is perfect for making your mind wander around, and a bit spacey at the same time. As such, it has become really popular among individuals who are suffering from certain medical conditions such as PTSD, anxiety, pains, chronic aches, and even migraines. The best part is that all of these mentioned medicinal benefits are wrapped up in a very delicious, and sweet-tasting smoke, making you realize why this strain has turned out to be really ubiquitous within the cannabis industry.

Bottom Line

White Widow offers some smooth hits! It provides a clean smoke and taste, without any pungent and solid aftertaste. It may not turn out to be an extremely flavorful strain, but it gives that clean smoke. The scent of this strain is a combination of fruity and peppery aroma which lingers a lot. This simply means that you have to be careful as exhaling this strain may leave some traces in a particular area.

Overall, it also gives off that extremely energetic buzz, which can play right on your mood and state of mind. This means that if you are in a bad mood, this strain may turn things worse. On the brighter side, by smoking this strain, you can expect creativity after smoking this strain. As such, this strain can be considered very functional, giving you that desire to work, with a sense of boost in confidence.

Indeed, White Widow lives up to its expectations of being a solid and classic strain. With all of the different cannabis strains that are available these days with really exotic names, it is still a relief to observe that there are still some cultivators who did not give up on the classic strains from yesteryears.

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