What Are the Expenses of Growing Weed at Your Backyard?

Most people are afraid of growing marijuana at home due to misinformation about the cost of doing so. That’s what inspired us to prepare this comprehensive solution to grow pot at an affordable cost and with much ease. With the right information and tools, everyone is capable of growing marijuana at home.

Read on to find out how.

What Does it Take?

Before getting to the cost, it is essential to note that you will need to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. This means understanding the quality and specification of marijuana seeds, how to enhance the environment for optimum production, the fertility and composition of the soil, and so forth. With the appropriate information, you will have to invest in the right tools and engage in professional services. While a DIY project sounds more cost-effective, you should engage the services of experienced growers. Alternatively, you can get kush weed online if you wish to sit back and relax.

How Much Weed Should You Grow?

When growing cannabis in your backyard, you are probably doing it for subsistence reasons. It is not feasible to practice commercial marijuana growing in the backyard. Now that we have established that keeping it small scale is the way to go, you can cut down the cost by keeping everything proportionate to the space available. When growing marijuana for your use, do not exceed six plants. Six might sound less but bear in mind that even fewer plants can yield just enough marijuana for you and your buddies. On the upside, it is easier and more economical to tend to six marijuana plants. This is more elaborate when growing the plants indoors.

If you had a 4×4 600-watt High-Pressure Sodium lamp tent, for example, you will harvest more from six plants than would be the case if you were to squeeze fourteen plants under that single tent. By implementing proper techniques for indoor growing, you can get more with less. From that, you can decipher that less is more affordable.

Growing Cannabis Outdoors

One might think that growing the plants outdoors automatically means more yield, but that is not entirely true. If you just plant your seed and fail to take proper care of the plants, you shouldn’t expect to harvest much. Like indoor growing, one must tend to the plants for a healthy and potent harvest.

The Emblematic Cost of Growing Cannabis

With an adequate understanding of the topic, the cost associated with cannabis growing might sound a bit scary. But if you are doing it on a small scale, you do not have to break your bank. Indoor growing is a bit costly, but it can get relatively affordable when done correctly. This technique is ideal for producing high-quality yield for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

Indoor Growing

This article will assume that our indoor environment is a 4×4 foot tent with a 600-watt High- Pressure Sodium lamp. This space is adequate for about five plants, and under the right conditions, it can produce about a pound of marijuana at an annual cost of $2000. This translates to $100 per plant, four harvests a year. You will need tools such as grow lights, exhaust fans, timers, and filters. These tools are a bit pricey but necessary for maximum results. Other complementary tools include a watering can, soil, pots, and any other essential gear. Alternatively, you can buy complete marijuana pots. Each marijuana pot kit goes for about $80.

Using a LED-Powered Grow Tent

According to industry experts, LED lamps are known to produce higher yields as compared to HPS lamps. The primary reason why most people prefer using LEDs is that they emit less heat than HPS lamps. With less light, the plant will consume less water and therefore won’t demand much nutrients. Additionally, LED lamps are more cost-effective. Compact Fluorescent lights (CFL) take longer to light fully, and they are also non dimmable, making them more energy-consuming. LEDs emit way less heat as compared to other lighting fixtures. The key takeaway is that if you are
growing your weed indoors, you can produce a good harvest and save your while at it by just
switching from HPS and CFL lights to LED lighting fixtures.

Indoor Windowsill Growing

For your plants to grow, they need sufficient light. Your plants will require about three to four hours of direct sunlight every day. A windowsill allows your plants to absorb enough sunlight. However, grow lights are designed to produce higher yields as compared to natural sunlight. The significant advantage of sunlight is that it is God-given.

On the other hand, grow lights are such a great invention because they allow you to alter the light schedule to encourage flowering when it’s convenient. Advancements in technology have seen the production of auto-flowering seeds. If you are a first-time grower, it’s recommended that you start with the auto-flowering seeds. When growing your marijuana on a windowsill, auto-flowering plants are ideal because you will not adjust the light during the flowering phase. These plants will still flower regardless of the conditions.


Growing auto-flowering plants in a windowsill are the most cost-effective approach to growing your cannabis at home. With the appropriate knowledge, DIY cannabis growing projects should neither be costly nor complicated. You must take proper care of your plants for healthy and highly potent produce.

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