True North Seed Bank Review

True North Seed Bank Review – Are They Scam?

Many seed banks are operating worldwide. One of them is the True North Seed Bank. It could be your first time to hear its name, but this company is something you should not ignore. In this True North Seed Bank review, you will learn everything about the company.

About True North Seed Bank

True North is a Canadian seed bank. The company’s main objective is to make sure it meets every customer’s needs. This seed bank distributes premium marijuana seeds coming from some of the top companies all over the world. The company ensures its customers’ safety while selling high-quality cannabis seeds online.

Moreover, True North Seed Bank has been a pot seeds reseller and is not working as a breeder. Instead, the company obtains its products from the leading breeders to make sure all the seeds are of the best quality.

True North is among the most trusted companies in terms of selling and buying marijuana seeds through the web. The company has been a reputable distributor of the finest cannabis seeds for both medical and recreational use.

Its History and Reputation

This seed bank is a newcomer in the cannabis industry. It doesn’t offer much information to the public regarding its history or how it has been established. Perhaps, the people behind this business do not assume customers will mind learning how the company started.

However, a company will typically show pride for itself and dedicate some space in its official website to inform people how the company was founded and how it flourished into the commercial establishment it is as of the moment.

True North is a smaller company. While it is not as popular as other seed companies, this business is legit. True North is a legitimate seed bank with a growing community of loyal customers.

Seeds Quality

When searching for a trustworthy seed bank, the quality of the seeds is among the most critical factors to keep in mind. True North doesn’t breed cannabis on its own, but the company sells the seeds from other brands. Meaning, the overall seed quality depends more on the brands.

However, the company assures all its clients that its products come from the most trusted brands. Hence, the business is sure and confident that all seeds are in good quality – the quality you have expected.

What makes True North a good option is that if your preferred seed breeder doesn’t ship seeds to your location, this online seed bank can accept your order and deliver it to you. But, keep in mind that this company doesn’t provide any seed germination guarantee and will not accept product liability and provide guarantees, as stated in its legal disclaimer.

Moreover, True North doesn’t keep cannabis seeds for over 6 months on its inventory. It helps ensure the stock stays in good quality, coming with a higher pop percentage. The company gives the best selection of aromatic and flavorful hybrid cannabis seeds. Also, the company experienced customer care representatives who are tasked to provide and explain the provided details on the packages to make sure you know and understand what you’re consuming.

Cannabis Strain Selection

True North works in collaboration with about 45 breeders. Thus, the company offers a huge selection of fragrant and delicious cannabis strains to select from. It works together with different breeders like Royal Queen, Barney’s Farm, Nirvana, and Sensi.

On its website, consumers can start using the given search box to find a strain that matches their needs and desires before finalizing their order. True North allows you to search based on the seed type that includes feminized, regular, auto-regular, auto-feminized, and autoflowering.

You may also search based on the growing conditions like outdoor, indoor, greenhouse-cultivated, etc. Likewise, you may use the THC, CBD, indica, and sativa content to find the perfect strain for you. True North stocks over 1,500 seeds.

Customer Service

True North is dedicated to giving good customer service, assistance, and support 24/7. You can get in touch with the company via telephone and mail. Live chat is available when you visit the website for quick inquiries. Many customers said True North provides professional customer service.

Payment Options

One of the great things about True North is that the company provides different payment methods. The company has been accepting worldwide money orders that are acceptable only in CAD and USC.  Besides, it accepts debit/credit cards that can be Mastercard or Visa, cash, electronic money transfers, and bank transfers.

True North also welcomes cryptocurrency that can be Litecoin, bitcoin, or Ethereum. However, keep in mind that all credit and debit card payments will be charged with a 7.5% processing fee. Other payment techniques do not charge fees.

The company will also provide you multiple options in finalizing your orders. You may order online through the phone. You can write them in email by using the printed ordering form or make a worldwide money order. On the other hand, all the orders will be charged a certain rate in CAD and other currencies like EUR, USD, and GBP that may fluctuate based on the recent exchange rate.


This online Canadian seed bank has its distribution centers located in the UK and Canada. It enabled the company to supply cannabis all over the world. Moreover, it advises the buyers to know the local laws in their area regarding cannabis consumption.

One good thing about the shipping process of True North is that the company keeps it safe and discreet. It makes the whole thing easier for the consumers who are from those countries that impose strict laws on cannabis to buy and possess these products as they wait for its legalization.

Also, the company puts a flat charge for shipping every order regardless of how much cannabis seeds you order. The delivery process is free. Besides, True North offers delivery insurance that means if you order from the US or Canada and your order failed to reach your home, the company will resend another pack without additional charges.

The company also offers another option known as “Extra Safe,” which tends to be a little more expensive. Every order may arrive in 3 to 15 working days. Consumers can track their orders as the company gives a tracking # right away after shipping the orders.


True North is no doubt a good seed bank to consider. Stealth shipping, large strain selection, and good customer service are just some of the nicest things about the company. May this True North Seed Bank review helps you decide.

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