Slang for Weed

Slang for Weed: Nicknames & Cannabis Terms

Weed has so many street names and slang names it’s hard to keep up! Let’s round up the most popular slang for weed. Find out which of these names you’ve heard before.

  • Ashes – no one knows where this nickname came from but it’s probably because weed is the only drug that turns into ashes when smoked. Ashes could also mean smoking or using joints specifically.
  • Atshitshi – another weed slang with an unknown origin. This term is a commonly used street name for weed which could pertain to high-quality dried flowers.
  • Aunt Mary – this term was derived from the name Mary Jane, the most commonly used slang for weed. You might overhear someone saying they were with their Aunt Mary last night but what this means is that they’ve been smoking pot all night long.
  • Baby Bhang – a street name for weed but could also mean a pregnant woman smoking weed.
  • Bammy – this is Jamaican slang for marijuana. Visit Jamaica and you’ll be offered some “fine Bammies.”
  • Blanket – still another weed slang with an unknown origin. It may have been derived from weed’s ability to make you feel relaxed and very sleepy.
  • Blunt – this is a roll of cannabis inside a cigarette or cigar wrap. Since the wrappers are made from tobacco, there is a slight buzz when you smoke a blunt.
  • Bo-Bo – a term possibly derived from the strain Flying Bobo or an affectionate nickname for Bob Marley, one of the pillars of modern marijuana use.
  • Bobo Bush – this is a lovely dwarf Hydrangea plant with large, conical blooms during summertime. The cones may look like plumes of juicy weed and hence, Bobo Bush was used to pertaining to weed.
  • Bomber – this is a weed slang that pertains to a large joint that’s rolled with regular paper. This joint contains around a gram of weed.
  • Boom – a slang for weed that could also pertain to the popular and powerful Kush strain called Boom Kush. Like a bomb, Boom can hit fast and hard, it’s like a blow to the head.
  • Broccoli – This vegetable is green and compact, just like a fine marijuana flower.
  • Cheeba – this is a popular nickname for weed derived from the Spanish word “Chiva” which means heroin. But when a type of black and gooey Brazilian weed hit the market, they used the word cheeba as the substance looked like heroin.
  • Chronic – this word was used to refer to a popular hybrid weed strain with sweet honey and spice flavors. It’s energizing and uplifting and can also be used to treat depression and stress.
  • Cripple – this is another term for weed and may be derived from the powerful Cripple Kush strain. This cannabis strain has a calming and peaceful effect with a delightful sour and diesel taste and flavor.
  • Dagga – this is a word used to pertain to weed in different regions of Southern Africa. It is said that the word dagga was first used in 1660 and was derived from dacha from the Khoekhoe.
  • Ding – the term “ding” was used to refer to scattered growths of thick brush in a swamp. Soon, it was used as a street name for weed.
  • Dinkie Dow – this is slang for weed specifically a joint. However, this joint was made from real cigarette paper with the tobacco and other materials replaced with fine dry flowers.
  • Dona Juana (or Juanita) – this is a term for cannabis-derived from the name Juanita, a potent strain. Juanita is a mix of a Juanita la Lagrimosa and NYC Diesel creating weed with high CBD content.
  • Dope – this term is not just for weed but also used to refer to heroin in the United Kingdom.
  • Flower, Flower Tops – needless to say, marijuana plants have the loveliest flower tops and hence the term flower is often used to refer to weed.
  • Ganja – this term is the most common and the oldest used to refer to cannabis. It is said that ganja was used even before 1700.
  • Giggle Smoke – one of the effects of weed is uncontrollable giggles, laughing fits, and an all-around happy disposition. This is probably why it earned the nickname Giggle Smoke.
  • Good Butt – this is slang for a good marijuana cigarette or a good quality joint.
  • Grass – this is probably one of the oldest and universally recognized slang names for weed.
  • Hash – this is a marijuana plant product made by the harvesting and compressing of the sticky cannabis trichomes. Hash is typically smoked in a bong, pipe, or vaporizer and is also rolled into joints.
  • Hot Stick – joints can also be called hot sticks and the reasons are obvious!
  • Jay – one of the newest slangs for cannabis which is probably derived from Jay-Z’s Weed Lab, a huge cannabis facility for the rap artist’s luxury cannabis products brand.
  • Jolly Green – a slang based on Ontario’s popular cannabis brand: Jolly Green Cannabis. This cannabis dispensary carries a large variety of weed products including oils, flowers, extracts, topicals, and edibles.
  • Joy Smoke, Joy Stick – these are also popular slang for joints especially those made from energetic and happy strains.
  • Mary Jane – you can’t have a list of the slang terms for weed without Mary Jane. Many say this was derived from the word marijuana while some say it’s from an actual grower named Mary Jane.
  • Pot – the term is short for potiguaya or potaguaya, a Spanish word that means brandy that’s steeped with marijuana buds. Also called the “drink of grief.”
  • Reefer – this term refers to the marijuana plant, joint, cigarette, or a machine-rolled stick.
  • Roach – this is the term used to refer to the remains of a rolled-up joint or blunt after it’s smoked.
  • Skunk – some marijuana strains have a skunk smell because of the terpenes in the weed. The most popular weed strain with this smell is Chemdog.
  • Weed – this is one of the oldest terms used to refer to marijuana especially dried flowers or buds.

This is not a complete list of the most commonly used terms as weed is called many names in different places. Do you have other words slang for weed?

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