Sensi Seeds Review

Sensi Seeds Review

If you ask for suggestions from your buddies who have been smoking cannabis, you may wonder why they have been telling you to check out Sensi Seeds. Well, this company is among the most reputable seed companies around. In this Sensi Seeds review, you will know what the company has been doing to serve and satisfy their customers. 

About Sensi Seeds

“Sensi Seeds” has been the household name in the cannabis industry. Many cannabis enthusiasts also use the term when referring to something about weed. Sensi Seeds, the company, is headquartered in Amsterdam. The company has been regarded as a 420 celebrity.

Through the years, they won several Cannabis Cups. They are also respected and well-known anywhere cannabis has been cultivated. Their seeds could be slightly expensive compared to how their competitors offer them. However, many consumers consider the price okay as they get the best when it comes to the quality and viability of the seeds. 

With their diligence and dedication, Sensi Seeds has made it to the top. The company has been well-established. They also become extremely popular like other seed banks you’ll ever know. Sensi Seeds has been there for more than 3 decades with undying commitment and eagerness to meet and even exceed the expectations of their customers. 

They aim to supply their products across the world. With that, the company’s official website supports 9 languages, including English. It makes shipping cannabis seeds to other countries easy and convenient. 

History and Reputation

Sensi Seeds comes with a rich, interesting history at the back of it. That is no longer surprising, considering that they are among the pioneer seed banks in the market. Many things have occurred for many decades they have been operating. The same thing and even more are expected to happen after this year. 

They celebrated their 30th anniversary 4 years ago, which is pretty amazing as they don’t deal with ordinary products – they deal with marijuana. So, staying successful for a very long time is a big thing. Thanks to Ben Dronkers, the founder of Sensi Seeds. He was also the Hash, Marijuana, and Hemp Museum’s founder – the very popular one in Amsterdam. 

Sensi Seeds is legendary. Everybody who has been in the growing cannabis industry knows Sensi Seeds and who they are. Many even see them as different from the rest of the competition. Professionals rarely suggest the company, but when you try their services, you will learn and understand how quick and simple it is to agree and believe they are one of the best cannabis seed banks around. 

The only thing that may drive some people away is the fact that Sensi Seeds do not ship cannabis seeds internationally. That is the only problem. If they can fix the problem, they are more likely to become the star seed bank in every grower’s eyes. 

Actually, it is not their fault if they are not accepting international shipping. That is because they depend on the currently imposed marijuana laws. If all countries embrace weed, it’s more likely Sensi Seeds will become an international cannabis shipper. In short, they choose not to take risks. 

Seed Selection and Quality

Sensi Seeds comes with a quite phenomenal seed selection. It is no longer surprising, considering how the founder was exploring new cannabis strains and crossbreed combinations. Their inventory features something like feminized, regular, and autoflowering cannabis seeds. They also sell some of the famous medical marijuana strains. The company is consistently searching for new ones that they can add to their collection. 

The official website of Sensi seeds lets you filter the search results by price range, seed type, climate zone, expected yield, flowering time, and height. You may also search by sativa/indica combination with options such as pure indica, pure sativa, mostly indica, and mostly sativa. 

You have nothing to worry about when it comes to the quality of the seeds sold by Sensi Seeds. They are appreciated and sold nearly anywhere because these cannabis seeds from the said company will provide you a satisfying growing experience. Sensi Seeds is highly sincere in fulfilling their promise when it comes to the quality of their seeds. 

Customer Service

You will rarely find customer complaints associated with Sensi Seeds because the company often succeeds in providing good service and products to customers. Problems can come anytime, but they are good at preventing them. In case something wrong happens while the shipping process is ongoing, Sensi Seeds will do its best to resolve it as soon as they can. 

Sensi Seeds goes with a team of experienced and friendly customer care representatives. They are available to assist you from 9-5 CET on weekdays. Customers may contact them via email or phone with comments, concerns, questions, and even compliments. 

If you live somewhere in the Netherlands, you can just visit their shop and talk to their sales associate. The physical store of Sensi Seeds is open to serve you from 10 AM to 10 PM daily. 

Shopping and Payment Options

The website of Sensi Seeds comes with many features and tools designed for making your entire shopping experience more convenient and easier. The website will give you ideas on how it works and how you can use it. The website will also anticipate your needs. 

Hence, the website comes with special tools that will help you easily find what you may want to add to your cart. Of course, it is fairly easy to explore the website and find whatever catches your eyes. 

Payment options, such as MasterCard and Visa, cash, and bank transfers, are available and accepted in Sensi Seeds. Unfortunately, they don’t accept payments made by bitcoins, checks, international money orders, and PayPal. 

Of all the available payment methods, the credit card payments can be quickly processed. The opposite is the case for paying them cash via mail. If you choose to pay them with cash to remain anonymous or for another reason, make sure to transport the package through registered mail, then send the cash by using paper money, not coins. 


This Sensi Seeds review gave you all of the things you need to know about this company. As you can see, this company has what it takes to be a good source of high-quality cannabis seeds in the entire world, if not only because they still refuse to ship internationally. Nevertheless, one will likely enjoy a lot their services and products. 

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