Seedsman Review

Seedsman Review – A Trustworthy Seed Bank?

Seedsman has been one of the most popular names when it comes to seed banks. Does the company worth checking out? You’ll know the facts and details about the company in this Seedsman review.

About Seedsman

Since 2003, Seedsman has been committed to selling premium marijuana seeds through the web. They have been considered one of the most regarded and trusted seed banks for the past several years. Seedsman is a real and legitimate seed bank. They do not sell cannabis bred by their team. Instead, they focus on curating and selling high-quality seeds produced by other breeders. They work closely with breeders that have extensive experience and expertise to be sure they will be providing their customers with only the best.

History and Reputation

For the past 15 years, Seedsman turned into a trusted and highly recommended cannabis seller. Located in the UK, they started from preserving marijuana seeds intended for genetic study. They are still fulfilling this mission today.

Seedsman aims to provide its valued customers with high-quality cannabis from various parts of the world. They also make sure they consistently have viable seeds to supply. This will also help in making the marijuana seeds strong and resilient enough against pests and diseases. A bigger and more diverse pool will give them a bigger scope and sample size to research. The famous UK seed bank comes with the reputation of being a place to go whenever you like a seed brand that doesn’t ship straight to your location.

Seedsman stocks seeds from more than 100 brands to offer you a wide selection. They own a vast stock, allowing you to get the best strain of cannabis for your needs.

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Seed Selection and Quality

Seedsman offers a wide array of cannabis strains to choose from. Since their inception, they have been delivering tons of various seed brands and stock more of the strains created and supplied by other brands. Seedsman is not only a shop that has the top 10 strains from various popular brands. They are not a cannabis seed store with just 10 top-rated strains in their inventory.

When it comes to quality, you will not have any problem with Seedsman. The overall quality of cannabis seeds will differ from one brand to another. Since their selection is wide and various, there’s variety when it comes to the overall quality. Meaning, they distribute for other breeders and brands and ensure their products meet the quality standards. Keep in mind that the quality standards may vary from one brand to another.

Customer Service

Seedsman comes with a customer service group that you can contact via telephone during working hours and emails 24/7. Before you get in touch with then, you may notice that your questions are already answered in the company’s support center that you can find on their website. It is where you can access all information on various common issues, such as technical problems, shipping, order status, payment, refunds and returns, promotions, and many more.

What’s disappointing here is Seedsman sells the seeds as adult souvenirs and for genetic preservation reasons only. They will not answer your inquiries regarding germination and cultivation.

Shipping and Payment Methods

Seedsman ship the cannabis seeds together with other products anywhere in the world. The company uses discreet methods to keep the delivery as safe and discreet as possible. They do whatever they need to do to make sure your order will reach you at the right time and place.

Keep in mind that delivery fees may vary depending on the ultimate size and weight of your order. However, free shipping promos are also available, be sure to check the promo page before finalizing your order.

Tracking details will be sent to your email address during checkout. Many orders will be dispatched in 1-3 working days. Those consumers who are from the UK may expect their orders to arrive in 1-3 business days. Orders to be delivered anywhere else in Europe will arrive in 2 weeks. Orders coming from other parts of the world will be delivered in less than 25 working days.

Orders can be shipped in its original packaging or a stealth object like cards or DVD cases. The choice of packaging to use will depend on the destination of an order and how long the shipment will take. The package can even be free of the Seedsman logo or printed name to make the package discreet.

Seedsman is also aware that not all companies will be happy with their purchase. Problems can still come along, no matter how cautious they are in handling the orders. For that, Seedsman comes with a return policy wherein customers are allowed to return the products in case they are not happy. It comes with a full refund that consumers can enjoy within 90 days from the date of purchase.

They are just asking that the product for return should be still new and unused and still inside the original packaging. In case you want a refund, you need to get in touch with their customer service and explain the situation. Seedsman will tell you what to do next to get your money back. If your item is damaged upon arrival, contact them in the next 14 days after the delivery to set a refund or replacement. Payment choices include bank transfer, Bitcoin, check, cash, postal orders, Sofort, iDeal, debit/credit cards like prepaid Visa & card payments through the phone. You can also choose the currency that suits your case. This feature allows you to see the costs in your local currency.

Seedsman also comes with different promotions that provide a discount to be used for some payment options. It can be a 10-percent off cash, postal orders, and check.


Seedsman is no doubt a great seed bank that will let you enjoy all of the best when it comes to strain selection, shipping and payment options, and so on. Hopefully, this Seedsman review helps you make a good decision as to whether you should consider this seed bank on your next purchase.

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