Seed Supreme Review – A Reliable Seed Bank?

There are various online seed banks available in the virtual world, but not all of them are legitimate companies. If you wish to order some cannabis seeds and other products, you should know which one is legit and which one is not. One of the reliable sites to visit is Seed Supreme. Find out more about it in the following review.

About SeedSupreme

SeedSupreme Seedbank is an online store that offers feminized, auto-flowering, regular, and high THC cannabis seeds. This company is registered in the United Kingdom and ships from this country to different parts of the world.

It has over 4, 000 marijuana strains coming from around 100 breeders. This is a legit business since collecting and owning weed seeds in the United Kingdom is legal. Stealth shipping is also available in this provider. SeedSupreme supplies these seeds exclusively for collection and for the preservation of endangered or rare strains. It is legal to order from them, but customers from other countries must take responsibility for abiding by their country’s laws.

SeedSupreme offers the stickiest and dankest pot strains from various parts of the world. You will find the classic Dutch genetics, heirloom landrace breeds, and other potent hybrids. They also stock seeds coming from breeders who are focused on the well-being and medical cannabis properties.

Shopping Experience and Website Usability

SeedSupreme Seedbank provides a well-laid out web interface and offers easy shopping for the customers. The page does not contain flashing ads and bright contrasting colors. The strains are categorized into regular, medicinal, landrace, feminized, and auto-flowering. You can search by strain type and seed breeder. 

The good thing about this page is the navigation bar, which allows the guests to look for medical strains according to conditions or symptoms. Visitors can search for medical strains to treat Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s Disease, PMS, gastrointestinal disorders, bipolar disorder, epilepsy, and more.  

Seed Quality

When it comes to seed quality, SeedSupreme receives some complaints about the normal problems that resellers experience. Some are about the diminished freshness of the seeds that cause them to pay more money. Yet, a big percentage of the buyers are satisfied with the seeds they received from this online store.

Cannabis Strain Selection

As mentioned earlier, SeedSupreme Seedbank has more than 4000 pot strains available that are supplied by 100 breeders. It has international partners that help them deliver good seed selections to worldwide customers.

There are new hybrids available and finest quality strains such as AK47, Northern Lights, Kush, and Haze seeds. They also stock medicinal cannabis seeds that help relieve anxiety, pain, and stress. They source these quality pot strains from the most respected and most trusted international marijuana seed banks. Thus, they deliver the right seed for customer needs.

Customer Service

In the past years, SeedSupreme management exerts more effort in addressing the negative reviews they get on forums. They constantly find ways to resolve issues and deal with some situations.

Some customers are not satisfied with the arrangement with loyalty rewards currency such as “Kush Money”. However, despite the disgruntled customers, they try to give them some consolation and see if problems can be resolved.

Now, this seed bank indicates on its site that the buyers can request the pot seeds to be removed from the original packaging for better stealthy shipping transactions.

Payment Methods Accepted

The payment options available at this site include cash by mail, Bitcoin, and some cryptocurrencies. They also provide a domestic address for the US-based buyers to send cash. However, Seed Supreme does not accept the most common payment options, such as PayPal or credit cards.

Bitcoin is the best payment method when shopping from SeedSupreme. They also have various tutorial videos as a guide to show the whole process on how to place your order on their site and buy Bitcoin. Their checkout page features a Bitcoin wallet that can be created by the customers if they do not have one yet. Or, buyers can connect using their own Bitcoin wallet.

Shipping, Refunds, and Replacements

The best thing about SeedSupreme’s shipping options is that they can ship the goods wherever you are in this world. The only common problem is its stealth methods. They are still using the same stealth shipping method that they had revealed a couple of years ago. Furthermore, they have also revealed four different stealth shipping options that they normally use.

Seed Supreme does not specify when the orders will arrive, but the page says that orders within the UK usually takes 2 to 4 business days. For orders outside UK such as the US, these will be shipped coming from a particular distribution center within this country. For European and other international orders, customers have to wait between five to 35 working days before the products arrive. Every order comes with tracking information to inform the customer to know if something happens to the parcel along the way.

To get a replacement or refund, make sure that the unwanted merchandise is still in its original packaging and condition. You should do it within 14 days upon receiving the order. The shipping cost will be refunded for items that have been incorrect or damaged. Replacements within the United Kingdom are free, and there will be no additional postage cost.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more affordable item for the exchange, they will credit back the difference to you. If the product you chose has a higher price, Seed Supreme will collect the extra payment required.

SeedSupreme uses Royal Mail as well as other local postal service providers. They offer discounts to loyal customers. They also offer free shipping for large orders. More questions about the shipping process are indicated on their cannabis seed FAQ page.


Seed Supreme is certainly a legit online seed bank that delivers good quality seeds wherever you are. Although there are some negative comments and reviews from its previous customers, the team constantly works hard to give them satisfactory service. But before placing an order, make sure to contact their customer support line and ask about some important questions regarding their products, payment methods, etc.

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