Seed Banks That Take Visa Card

Seed Banks That Take Visa Card

You’re a busy person. You don’t have time to run around to the local bank and get cash for seeds, and you don’t have time to wait around for a check to clear. That’s why it’s great when you can buy seeds with Visa gift cards – they’re fast and convenient! If your favorite seed bank accepts credit cards (and most do), then this is the way to go. Here are some quick tips for ordering seeds with Visa:

Top 5 Seed Banks That Accept Visa Cards

Cannabis cultivators understand the importance of finding high-quality seeds from reliable sources. Equally crucial is the convenience of transaction offered by these seed banks. For many, using a widely accepted payment method such as a Visa card translates to hassle-free shopping. Here, we list down the top 5 seed banks that welcome Visa cards, enabling an effortless buying experience.

1. ILGM Seed Bank

ILoveGrowingMarijuana (ILGM) Seed Bank has earned a reputation for their impressive variety of quality cannabis seed strains. With its user-friendly website and excellent customer service, ILGM has made it easy for growers to navigate their seed selection. Their acceptance of Visa cards as a payment method further enhances the convenience.


Marijuana Seeds NL (MSNL) offers a wide variety of seeds sourced from skilled breeders and has a sterling reputation for quality. MSNL’s commitment to providing an effortless shopping experience extends to their payment methods. Buyers can conveniently pay with their Visa cards, streamlining the purchase process.

3. Seedsman

Seedsman has gained popularity due to their impressive strain variety and commitment to seed genetic preservation. The seed bank offers numerous promotions and sales while accepting Visa cards. This ensures a quick and easy transaction for customers.

4. Herbies Seeds

Herbies Seeds prides itself on their discrete shipping and a wide array of seeds to choose from. Add to this appeal the acceptance of Visa cards for payment, facilitating a seamless transaction. Purchasing quality seeds from Herbies is as straightforward as making a couple of clicks.

5. Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds, renowned for their high-quality genetics, offers an extensive collection of strains. Coupled with their acceptance of Visa cards as a payment method, Crop King Seeds offers budding cultivators and seasoned growers a simple and reliable mode of purchasing quality seeds.

What Seed Banks Accept Visa?

If you are shopping for a seed bank that accepts Visa, there are a lot of things to consider. First and foremost, you want to make sure that the company has a good reputation. You need to trust them with your money and your privacy, so it’s important to know they are trustworthy.

You also want to look into the return policy at any seed bank that accepts Visa. You don’t want them holding onto your credit card number or other personal information without giving you an option of refunding or canceling your order if something goes wrong with processing payment or shipping out the seeds (or plants).

Finally, you should do some research on the type of seeds offered by various companies before choosing one that accepts Visa over another. Some have better selections than others do; some have more variety in terms of species; some sell rare varieties that may not be available anywhere else; etcetera! It all comes down to what kind of plants/seeds interest YOU most!

Buying Cannabis Seeds with Your VISA Card

If you’re ordering cannabis seeds from one of the seed banks located in Canada, then you’ve made the right choice. Canadian seed banks accept credit cards, especially VISA. You might be surprised to see the big advantages you can get each time you shop and buy cannabis seeds by using your credit card.

Depending on the card, you may likely get and enjoy special offers, such as a price cut off for each purchase, additional points in each purchase, or even a freebie or free delivery once you use your Visa credit card. 

You may also get some special offerings from a seed bank such as free delivery, free seeds, or free growing guides, bibles, and manuals. You may also enjoy discounts for discreet delivery and international delivery.

Many cannabis consumers have preferred to buy using their Visa credit cards as they do not want to pay for the orders in full. However, some consumers say they don’t feel comfortable and safe when buying marijuana seeds online by using their credit cards. Thus, you need to find out more about your security when shopping online before placing your order. Also, you have to make sure the website is reputable before you buy anything. 

How to Do It?

If you’ve bought something else online in the past, then buying pot seeds online will be much easier for you. However, be sure to check whether the seed bank is accepting exactly the credit card you own before purchasing. This is typically indicated in the front or home page. In case you didn’t see any information about it on those pages, kindly check the FAQ section of the website, including the page for terms and conditions, and customer support. After these things, you may get started in buying your cannabis seeds with the steps below:

  • When you verify that your VISA card has been accepted, make an account and start adding seeds to your cart. Once you’re done choosing seeds, strains, and quantity, click the “checkout” button. 
  • Choose your preferred delivery method. Keep in mind that the available delivery methods may differ in the cost. You may choose from the shipping methods and options. 
  • Double-check the order and be sure everything is fine. Review the listed delivery address and once all things are okay, proceed and pay for the order. 
  • This time, you choose the option to pay by using your credit card. Likewise, be specific and choose the kind of credit card you’ll be using. 
  • You must enter the number of your credit card and the numbers on the back of your card. 
  • After the payment, expect the verification email containing the details of the order. It also tells the expected delivery date as well as the tracking number, allowing you to stay informed of the status of your order. 

Keep in mind the given tracking number because it will also be the reference number that the shipping company will use. It is very important when ordering from a seed bank abroad. You will also easily locate and track your order by using this tracking number. 

The Perks of Using Your VISA Card in Buying Cannabis

One of the easiest ways to make your payment is by using debit cards, especially VISA. However, not every seed bank accepts this type of payment. Debit cards are connected to local checking accounts. Each time you use a card, the amount that you bought will be subtracted automatically from your checking accounts. 

By using a VISA card, you must verify whether your payment choice has been accepted before processing. Buying the seeds that you require and confirm the delivery methods you want to use. When you’re done, choose the option for paying by using your card. The seed bank will ask you for some details regarding your debit cards, including the bank name, VISA card #, and other relevant details. 

You’ll also receive confirmation messages about your details and purchase regarding the delivery. If you haven’t received any message on your inbox to verify your purchase, contact the bank and find out whether the payment or amount pushed through. When the seed bank receives your payment, the company will begin processing your order. Shipping will be the next thing. 

Is Buying Marijuana Seeds by Using VISA Safe?

Many people are doubtful in using credit cards to pay for cannabis seeds as they’re scared that their banking details can be hacked. The common rule is that you’re comfortable with the payment methods you’ll be using. 

Common Issues and Worries Associated with Using VISA in Buying Marijuana Seeds

Identity theft is one of the serious problems associated with VISA cards. It’s simple for hackers to steal somebody’s credit/debit card details and use them to buy products offline or online. 

Due to this, you must be extra cautious when buying cannabis seeds by using your card. Make sure you find a reliable seed bank that will process your payments without worries. Likewise, be sure you give enough time to read the reviews available to get some idea about the experiences of other people. This way also, you will get suggestions from other consumers that can help you a lot when making a purchase. 


Popular seed banks like Crop King Seeds and  ILGM are among those sellers that allow consumers to buy premium cannabis seeds online by using Visa credit cards. If you find buying cannabis seeds by using credit cards is the best and most convenient option for your case, just make sure you give enough time to find those seed banks. You can’t just deal with any seed bank. Find the one that is reputable and has been trusted by many consumers. 

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