Seed Banks That Accept Venmo

Seed Banks That Accept Venmo

You’ve heard of PayPal, and you’ve heard of Venmo. But have you used them to buy seeds? Some seed banks accept Venmo as an alternative payment method, which can be a great option if your bank doesn’t offer it or if you don’t have a credit card. If you’re in this boat, look no further than the list below for five cannabis seed banks that accept Venmo:

Top 5 Seed Banks That Accept Venmo

  1. ILGM Seed Bank
  2. Crop King Seeds
  3. Seedsman
  4. MSNL Seed Bank
  5. Weed Seeds Express


ILGM is a seed bank that accepts Venmo. ILGM sells seeds for all types of cannabis, including medical strains and high-THC strains. They even sell feminized seeds for those who want to grow their own plants without having to worry about male plants pollinating the females. It has a wide selection of strains to choose from, including some rare ones like Blueberry Haze and White Widow XXL Auto Flowering Seeds (1 pack). They also offer autoflowering seeds which are easier to manage than regular ones since they don’t require any changing in light cycles or watering schedules once they’ve sprouted, though you still need to keep an eye out for pests like spider mites (which can be treated with neem oil).

A great thing about this company’s customer service is how responsive its staff is when you have questions about anything related to growing your own marijuana plants at home–whether those questions are about how much light each stage requires or what nutrients should be added when feeding them fertilizer so that plants remain healthy without being overfed into sickness!

Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is a Canadian company that specializes in providing high-quality marijuana seeds to customers all over the world. They offer strains from Canada and around the world, including some exotic ones like White Widow and Super Skunk.

Crop King Seeds accepts Venmo as well as all major credit cards. Their checkout process is very simple and quick once you have chosen your desired seed pack or strain of marijuana. If you’re having trouble finding what your looking for on their website, they also have a chat option where customer service representatives are ready to help you find what you need!


Seedsman is a great seed bank that accepts Venmo. In addition to offering high-quality seeds and strains, they have outstanding customer service, and ship worldwide. If you’re looking for a new seed bank that accepts Venmo, Seedsman should be at the top of your list!


MSNL is an excellent seed bank that accepts Venmo. MSNL has great prices, and their customer service is very good too.

MSNL is one of the best seed banks out there. They have a really wide variety of strains to choose from, and they also have seeds for sale as well as CBD oil for pain relief and anxiety relief. If you’re looking for a great seed bank with lots of options in terms of strains and other products then MSNL is definitely worth checking out!


If you’re looking for a seed bank that accepts Venmo, WeedSeedsExpress is the place. They have an extensive selection of seeds for purchase and accept most major payment methods including Paypal and Bitcoin.

They also offer 5% discounts on all orders, so if you’re planning on buying a lot of seeds at once it might be worth checking out their site!

What is Venmo?

Venmo is a mobile payment platform that allows you to send and receive money from your friends, family members, or anyone else you choose. It’s a free service that lets you send money with just a few taps.

Venmo works by linking your debit card, credit card, or bank account to the app. Then you can use the app to transfer funds directly from one person to another. There are also options for sending money through Venmo’s website at

To start using Venmo, download the app from the App Store or Google Play and follow the prompts for signing up for an account. After that, it’s simple: just open up the app and select who you want to pay—either by typing in their name or scanning their QR code—and enter how much money you’d like to pay them (updates automatically). And voila! You’re done!

Benefits of Buying Cannabis Seeds With Venmo

When you buy cannabis seeds with Venmo, you get a lot of perks that you might not know about. Here are just a few:

  1. You can use your Venmo account to pay for more than just cannabis seeds. You can also use it to buy other things related to cannabis, like CBD oil or even edibles. If you’re an avid grower and enjoy different kinds of strains, this is definitely the way to go!
  2. It’s super easy to use—you can just go online and sign up! No need to wait in line or fill out paperwork at the store.
  3. You don’t have to worry about getting carded by anyone when buying cannabis seeds with Venmo because it’s completely anonymous (unless you tell them otherwise).
  4. The process is quick and easy, so if you’re in a rush or don’t have time to wait around for someone else’s transaction to go through first (like when buying gas), then buying cannabis seeds with Venmo is definitely the way forward!


There you have it – the top five seed banks that accept Venmo, solidifying their commitment to customer convenience and satisfaction. These technologically adaptable seed banks, including ILoveGrowingMarijuana, Crop King Seeds, Seedsman, and other reputable names, embrace a modern and discreet payment option for purchasing cannabis seeds. Venmo’s growing popularity as a secure, speedy, and user-friendly payment platform aligns perfectly with the needs of cannabis cultivators, streamlining the buying process. By adopting Venmo, these seed banks create a seamless transaction experience, ensuring customer privacy, and prioritizing payment security. This progressive shift demonstrates the industry’s responsiveness to contemporary payment solutions and showcases its ambition to serve its clientele’s evolving demands. As a result, customers have even more ease and choice when enhancing their cannabis growing journey, seamlessly tapping into the wide variety of strains available in an increasingly digitalized and customer-focused market.

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