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Article written by: Denys Svirepchuk, a cannabis expert and blogger at AskGrowers

Published by: Jahn Harris

Cannabidiol has revolutionized the market for anxiety and pain relief remedies without addiction common for medications. CBD is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant, but it causes no intoxication typically associated with marijuana. Therefore, due to a groundbreaking legal change in 2018, the CBD-rich variety of cannabis, hemp, got legalized across the USA, with CBD production brands receiving multiple opportunities to serve customers with chronic conditions.

Obviously, it’s not only CBD that’s gaining immense popularity among medicinal and recreational cannabis users across the United States and worldwide. Customers are trying various mixes out to find their perfect match of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids, or a mix of cannabis strains that works the best for their health issues. Thus, the market is awash with many product offerings, and your challenge is to find what speaks to you. 

In these conditions, making a safe and relevant choice is a real challenge for consumers. So, expert advice and detailed product reviews from cannabis professionals are what you need to find your way in the abundant and diverse market. If you’re in for smoking weed or CBD, you’re sure to enjoy weed flower mixes combining the best features of award-winning strains. Here is a detailed review of one of the best products for smoking from the market’s top leaders, Cannaflower. Its unique ratio of CBG and CBD creates a pronounced stimulating effect on the users that’s worth trying out. Read on to see how this product can benefit you. 

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CBD Hemp Flower Smoking: What’s in It for You? 

First, let’s stop in a bit more detail on CBD smoking activity as a wellness routine. Many skeptics say that smoking is addictive and harmful to the user’s lungs, and their claims are partly true. Indeed, smoking involves the inhalation of smoke, which is actually a carcinogen that clutters your blood vessels, contaminates your lungs, and worsens the overall integrity of the human organism. 

However, if we take a closer look at CBD flower smoking, we’ll understand that hemp offers a smooth transition from tobacco smoking to non-smoking. First, this raw material for hempettes and joints doesn’t contain nicotine, so it’s not addictive. Second, it can replace the practice of regular smoking and deliver additional stress and anxiety relief that smokers often experience as soon as they quit smoking. Therefore, using CBD flower during the transition period, when your nerves are tense, and the mind craves nicotine, is a great option for living through abstinence syndrome. This is where the CBG & CBD Hemp Flower shake can be of real help, as it contains all the needed components to calm your nerves and bring you back to a state of emotional balance. 

Unique Mix of Cannabinoids 

Next, we need to mention the unique cannabinoid profile of this hemp flower shake. The engineers at Cannaflower have gone the extra mile to hand-pick cannabis strains with the best combination of cannabinoids to deliver balanced and positive effects to the users. Here’s what you will find in this mix: 

  • CBD. Cannabidiol is the king of the modern consumer market, with its pronounced painkilling and stress-relieving properties and a strong impact on depression, anxiety, insomnia, and the absence of appetite. It’s often applied by patients with chronic life conditions, such as chronic pain, migraines, anxiety, PTSD, and epilepsy, so its inclusion in numerous over-the-counter products is a huge step forward in giving people readily available, affordable wellness remedies. 
  • CBG. Cannabigerol is a rare cannabinoid found in hemp plants in much smaller quantities than the usual CBD and THC compounds. Like CBD, it acts as a remedy against anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. However, CBG has also been found to improve the condition of patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), glaucoma, Huntington’s disease, and bacterial infections. It’s also an effective protective compound against cancer, as clinical studies have found CBG to act upon the existing cancer cells and prevent their proliferation. 
  • THC. Though many users are prejudiced against THC and want to avoid it in hemp products by all means, it’s also a vital element of hemp with therapeutic benefits. First of all, THC is effective in the treatment of many mental health disorders. Second, it’s an integral component of hemp-infused remedies against migraines. Therefore, THC can also act as a beneficial compound that gets people high, improves their health, and treats negative health issues. 

The good news is that you can get the wholesome health benefits of all these three cannabinoids in Cannaflower’s CBG and CBD Shake; one pack of this herbal mix for smoking contains 536mg of CBD, 21mg of THC (too little to get you high, but enough to treat your medical conditions), and 443mg of CBG. 

Glorious Match of Cannabis Strains 

How come the CBG and CBD Shake from Cannaflower is so beneficial for user health and delivers well-balanced wellness properties? It’s all because of the proprietary mix of cannabis strains that the brand’s engineers have included in the mix. 

  • Lifter. This weed strain is famous for the high content of CBDa – over 16% – and the presence of 0.36% CBD, which makes it a therapeutically valuable cultivar. 
  • Bubba Kush. This Indica-dominant strain with many healing values also includes a rich content of CBDa – over 12%. It comes with around 0.19% CBD and can also cause potent relaxing and soothing effects on the users. 
  • White CBG. With 15% CBGa and 0.49% CBDa, this strain is highly valuable for all medicinal cannabis users. The rich concentration of CBG makes it a rare find for therapeutic hemp mixes and a widely used choice for people with glaucoma or cancer. 

The Craft of Manual Bud Preparation 

The brand claims that all hemp flowers included in its shakes are hand-trimmed, which is a pleasant addition to the quality of this product. Hand trimming is a rare find today, as many companies try to automate their manufacturing processes and employ machines instead of people. It’s always much more self-indulging to smoke the product carefully trimmed by another human caring for the client’s satisfaction.

Slow curing is another bonus for the flower’s quality, as slowly cured buds are always more flavorful and potent. Thus, the bud drying and preparation method makes Cannaflower’s products top-quality. 

Smoking CBD Has Never Been More Enjoyable 

As you can see, the CBG & CBD Hemp Flower Shake is a unique opportunity for you to indulge in a relaxing, soothing activity without excess intoxication or disruption of your daily routines. A carefully balanced mix of cannabis strains makes the flavor, aroma, and effects predictable and pronounced. This way, you always get the desired relief from stress and bodily discomfort and enjoy a soothing treat in the form of a joint or bong. 

The Author of this material is Denys Svirepchuk, a cannabis expert and blogger at AskGrowers. Denys is passionate about the promise of the cannabis market. He likes to look deep into the methods of cannabis products’ manufacturing to offer his readers top-tier, safe, and reliable items hand-picked from the diverse CBD market. 

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