Review and Information on Afterglow Marijuana Strain

Afterglow, alternatively known as “After Glow” or “AfterGlow,” resides predominantly on the indica side of the hybrid spectrum (70% indica/30% sativa). This strain is a result of the intersection between the renowned Mendo Breath and an unidentified hybrid strain.

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Flavor and Aroma

The flavor profile of Afterglow is an exciting mix of fruity sour citrus, supplemented by a creamy, nutty finish. This strain also impresses the olfactory senses with an aroma that mirrors its flavor profile – it begins with a sweet fruity note and is layered with nuances of sour, citrusy diesel.


Afterglow offers a most comforting and warming high, which commences with a mild warmth seeping into the limbs. This feeling gradually permeates the entire body, evoking the sensation of being swathed in a heated blanket.

An intriguing aspect of Afterglow’s high is its infusion of cerebral focus into the relaxing body high. This mental clarity can potentially stimulate engaging conversations, making it a social strain. Soon after, the warm body sensation evolves into a more profound sense of tranquility, guiding users into a state of utmost relaxation and calmness.

Given these effects and an above-average THC content of 16%, Afterglow finds favor among those dealing with chronic stress or anxiety, ADD or ADHD, PTSD, chronic pain, and depression.


Afterglow boasts aesthetically pleasing dense, spade-shaped buds in a refreshing minty green shade. These buds are lightly adorned with thin orange hairs and a smattering of tiny golden-white crystal trichomes enhancing their visual appeal.


Afterglow stands as a formidable option for indica-dominant hybrid strain lovers, courtesy of its soothing and stimulating high. The notable flavor combination of citrus, creamy, fruity, nutty, and sour undertones complements this strain’s effects, providing an enjoyable cannabis experience.

Its potential applicability in the relief of numerous conditions, such as ADD/ADHD, chronic pain, anxiety, stress, depression, and PTSD, makes Afterglow a strain worthy of consideration for those seeking therapeutic benefits from their cannabis usage.

In conclusion, Afterglow is more than a strain; it’s a complete experience that imparts an intricate blend of flavors, relaxation, and potential therapeutic advantages. For both its recreational and medicinal applications, Afterglow more than earns its praise.

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