Best Regular Weed Seeds

Best Regular Weed Seeds

With regular weed seeds or photoperiod marijuana seeds, you can grow female and male plants altogether. You can breed new plants, make new strains, or produce more seeds. Regular cannabis plants need extra help when flowering as this needs a strict 12-hour light and 12-hour dark period to stimulate flowering, this is why these plants are called photoperiod plants. And to help you start your regular weed garden, here are some of the best regular weed seeds to cultivate.

Top 20 Regular Cannabis Seeds

Afghani Regular

Afghani is a pure indica landrace strain that’s known for its exotic smell and taste and a very potent and soothing body-centric high. This strain will flower in just 9 weeks and grows to a medium plant with productive qualities. Growers who were successful with this strain can get as much as 500 grams of yield with buds teeming with 19.8% THC. It is very easy to grow and will work well even for beginner growers. 

AK47 Regular

AK47 is a very powerful indica strain that flowers fast in just 8 weeks. It can be cultivated indoors, outdoors, or inside a greenhouse. This versatile strain will give you dense buds with citrusy, pungent, cherry and berry flavors and tastes. It is a medium-sized plant with a very high THC content at 22% giving you a very heavy body and a foggy feeling. When all the growing conditions are considered, you can get as much as 500 grams of yield per square meter indoors.

ATA Tundra Regular

ATA Tundra is a regular indica that will flower in just 45 days. The large buds have a high 20% THC which has a completely relaxing effect; be careful and take only a moderate dose to prevent the dreaded couchlock. You can cultivate ATA Tundra indoors or outdoors; it is a tall plant and requires a lot of space and an experienced hand in trellising and supporting its large buds and high yields. 

Blueberry Best Regular

Blueberry Best is an indica strain that comes with a high THC and average CBD. This makes it perfect for recreational and medical uses such as pain, depression, and stress. This hybrid will produce large and dense blueberry and fruity buds. You will instantly feel that relaxing and potent high that will last longer.

Buddha Best Regular

Buddha Best is one of the best regular weed seeds but it’s not for beginner growers. It is a tall sativa plant capable of producing rich buds with citrus and sweet aromas. THC is around 18% and yields can be as high as 500 grams per plant outdoors.  Buddha Best is both a recreational and medicinal strain.

Durban Poison Regular

Durban Poison is a classic pure sativa that can give you amazing yields in just 63 days. This pure sativa can grow indoors or outdoors but make sure you have room for its very tall height. Once the buds are mature, these will give off a mixture of flavors: sweet, spicy, citrusy, pungent, pine, and earth flavors. The THC is low but is perfect for the relief of pain, stress, anxiety, and muscle pains.

Early Miss Regular

Early Miss is an indica strain that’s popular among beginner growers because it’s very easy to grow. It will flower in just 8 to 10 weeks and can be cultivated indoors or outdoors. The buds are very potent and will produce good yields. These emit sweet, coffee, skunky, vanilla, and earthy flavors. Early Miss is also a medical strain as it comes with high CBD content against an average THC level. You’ll love its potent, body high that can give you a couch lock effect if you’re not careful. 

Ghost Train Haze Regular

Expect a very potent high when you take Ghost Train Haze. It is capable of producing from 25% or higher THC content! It is a tall plant that’s moderately easy to grow. It will flower in 65 days with buds with a haze and sour flavors. You will get high yields with this generous strain but make sure to support your plants early as these can bend over because of its heavy dense buds.

Hash Passion Regular

Hash Passion is a tall indica plant with a high THC content. Because of its height and high yields, it’s not recommended for beginner growers. It can be cultivated indoors or outdoors with flowering time in just 7 weeks. And just like its flowering time, the effects are also quick and very relaxing.

Holland’s Hope Regular

Holland’s Hope is an indica strain that’s easy to cultivate. It is a versatile indica that was made from the union of an Afghan and a Skunk strain. And because of its potent parents, it can grow indoors and outdoors giving you huge yields with high THC levels at 18%. The buds are large and dense when ripe and can emit an instant high, body stone, and exciting buzz.  

ICE Regular

ICE is the product of a triple cross between a Skunk, Northern Light, and Afghan strains. It is an easy strain to cultivate and can be grown indoors or outdoors. It is an average plant with moderate THC content but the yields will surprise you as it is capable of producing up to 400 grams per plant. The effects are high, relaxing, and very cerebral. The flavors are pine and earthy that will surely linger in your mouth.

Jack Herer Regular

Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant strain made from four very potent strains: a Haze, Shiva, Skunk, and Northern Light. It flowers fast, grows almost anywhere, and has amazing medical effects. You will feel uplifted, happy, and creative and enjoy its spicy, woody, pepper, and lemon aromas. Jack Herer produces high yields as long as all its needs are met.

Jungle Wreck Regular

Jungle Wreck is a mysterious potent indica. No one knows where this weed came from but all is known about it is that it has a relaxing, potent, and cerebral effects. It is an average-sized plant with high THC and high yields. It can be cultivated indoors or outdoors and the buds reek of citrus and lemon flavors.

Mango Skunk Regular

Mango Skunk is an indica regular strain that’s not for beginners. It is an average height plant with high THC content. This hybrid can be finicky during the growing phase but guaranteed that you will enjoy high yields during the flowering phase. 

Nordle or Afghan Skunk Regular

Nordle is an indica made from a Skunk and an Afghan. It’s easy to grow whether indoors or outdoors. It has a sweet and honey taste and flavor with a high THC and low CBD content. You will love Nordle’s sweet plus honey flavors that perfectly accompanies its potent high and cerebral buzz.

Northern Light Regular

This is an indica strain that’s easy to cultivate. It is also a medical strain capable of destroying pain and anxiety. The buds are large and flavorful with citrus, earthy, skunky, sweet and lemon smell and taste. THC levels are average while yields are great at 22 ounces per plant!

Super Skunk Regular

Super Skunk is a very potent regular strain made from an Afghani and a Skunk #1. It flowers fast, grows easy, and can survive indoor or outdoor growing. It will grow high yielding buds with a sweet, cheese, fruity and skunky smell and aroma. THC is at 20% while CBD levels are low. But despite this, Super Skunk is still a good strain for pain, anxiety, stress, and other physical and mental conditions.

White Queen Regular

White Queen is an indica strain that needs a moderate hand to grow. It flowers fast in just 8 weeks and can grow up to 78 ++ inches outdoors. It produces tremendous yields with buds giving as high as 30% THC. It comes with a quick and very potent high that will take you to the stars!

White Widow Regular

White Widow is a legendary cannabis strain that’s known for its stable genetics and good growing qualities It is an easy strain to grow popular for its sweet, woodsy, pungent, earthy, and herbal tastes and flavors. It has an average high with THC levels at 19%. Yields are average but you can increase these using low-stress techniques. You will experience creativity, relaxation, euphoria, and happiness after taking this strain.

White Widow XTRM Regular

White Widow XTRM is an upgrade of the regular White Widow strain. It’s moderately easy to grow, flowers earlier, and comes with a very potent high that will leave you completely stoned! The original White Widow has only 18% THC but the XTRM will stun you with 20 to 30% THC levels! You also get better yields per plant indoors or outdoors with XTRM.

We hope you find the best regular weed seeds that will work for your growing skills from our list. Make sure to also consider cannabis growing laws in your area, your growing space (indoors or outdoors), the resources you have, and whether you want a recreational or medicinal strain. With regular cannabis strains, you’ll have a mountain of possibilities.

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